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Dec 21, 2008 05:14 PM

Best restaurants in Milwaukee,Wisconsin

I have a friend who will be going there next week. What are some of the must try foods or places?

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  1. Must have Kopp's for custard and burgers (think Culvers, but better tasting and more inventive custard flavors than "raspberry" 8 times/month). Must also stop at Real Chili. The "hot" is really just more meat, so order that.

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      Kopps...there's the old-school German place downtown. I forget the name. It's fun.

      Also stop at Usinger's and get Veal brats to take home and cook. They're amazing.

    2. Mader's is the German restaurant downtown and there is also Karl Ratsch's. There are so many different good restaurants- what type are you interested in, casual, high -end, brew pubs? There have been several posts on the variety of restaurants in the Milwaukee area.

      1. For high-end, send him/her to Sanford. It's the best fine dining restaurant in Milwaukee and one of the best in the entire Midwest.