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Dec 21, 2008 05:09 PM

Seafood Market in or around Burbank for sushi grade tuna?

I have read posts that Fish King in Glendale is great for seafood; I am looking for sushi grade tuna at a reasonable price. Are there any other recommendations? I don't mind the travel if the quality is good..and the price doesn't bring tears to my eyes! Thank you!

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  1. from what i hear....time to time...costco has decent sashimi grade tuna

    1. Try HK Market at 831 N. Pacific in Glendale. It's a Korean market and they have fresh seafood and their prices seem competitive. Between the Glendale Freeway 134 and Glenoaks Blvd.

      1. Short of driving downtown at 0500 and going to the large wholesale fish markets yourself, you will not find better fish than at Fish King. You can choose to go elsewhere -- there is often sushi-grade tuna at 99 Ranch in Van Nuys, for instance -- but please bear in mind the old TANSTAAFL rule -- there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. When it comes to fish, you get what you pay for.

        Sashimi-grade tuna at Fish King is normally around $18 a pound. A pound should give you 15-16 slices of sashimi. They also have a selection of other sashimi-grade fish (and usually cheaper): yellowtail, snapper (tai), salmon, albacore, ono, mahi-mahi, etc.

        Another suggestion is to go to Marukai or Mitsuwa downtown or in West LA, but the prices will make you blanch even more than Fish King.

        Don't go to Fish King on the 24th or 31st of December or the 6th of January -- the lines will kill you.

        1. I iive in Burbank.and I used to live in Glendale. I go to little Tokyo on occasion to stock up on Japanese food. I have shopped in all of those markets including Fish King. I would recommend that you go to Mitsuwa. In my opinion, the prices are actually less than what you pay for at Fish King plus the selection is much better. The best tip I can give you is to read the labels carefully. Tuna prices vary by species and what section of the fillet you want. Yellow fin tuna and albacore run about $12-$20 lbs depending if you can slice it yourself or you want pre-cut. Blue fin runs around $45 and up a lb. Big eye tuna is somewhere in between. Also, you can go to Marukai in Gardena. They require a membership card but you can save there by buying the smaller tail sections of the tuna. Normally, you pay for the bigger front sections of the tuna. The smaller tail sections can be cut up for poki. Get on the mailing list for Mitsuwa. They have sales on their fish. I have yet to see Fish King put sashimi on sale. The Japanese markets do.
          Lastly, if you like Japanese food, use your trip to Mitsuwa to stock up. Some of their items such as curry, mabo tofu, hot and sour soup. ramen, gyoza are up to 2 dollars less than what you see in the regular markets and their asian veggies like napa and bok choy are much fresher and bigger. They also have a good selection of sake and rice.

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            Mitsuwa has gone out of business as of today Jan 25 2009.

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              Small clarification: not out of business, per se. They closed the Little Tokyo location, but the others remain open.