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Dec 21, 2008 05:04 PM

GUITTARD chocolate chips

Does anyone know where to get Guittard brand chocolate chips in the Eastern Massachusetts, Southern NH or Northern RI areas? Boston or MetroWest is preferable, but if anyone has a place that carries them, please post back here. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The only places that I know of that regularly stock Guittard chocolate are Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table. I think SLT has chocolate discs (not chips) but I don't know if W-S sells bars or chips. W-S is having a 20% storewide sale at the moment. Awhile back I saw Guittard chips at the Whole Foods on River St. in Cambridge but haven't seen it at any other Whole Foods. I've emailed Guittard directly before and the only place they suggest is Christmas Tree Shops but it's been a long time since I've seen Guittard chips there.

    1. I have seen three types of Guittard chips at the River St. WF --- milk chocolate, semisweet, and fair-trade semisweet chips.

      I suspect the other WF locations also sell them.

      1. A couple years late, but Needham Sudbury Farms has them for $3.29 per bag, three different varieties - milk, semi sweet and extra dark. Are they any good?

        1. The Christmas Tree shop in Natick had them before Thanksgiving. They ranked behind the bitter sweet Chocolate morsels made by Ghiradelli in a recent judging in CI

          1. Whole Paycheque at Fresh Pond regularly has them. Milk, semisweet, and "akoma" varieties. I would guess most locations have them.

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              Christmas Tree shops almost always have them, and I believe the price is somewhere around $3. I do tons of baking and I'm pretty fussy about ingredients but I love BJ's brand!