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Dec 21, 2008 04:56 PM

Buenos Aires for New Year's?


I am going to be in Buenos Aires for NYE with three friends. We are looking to try to find a restaurant to grab some food at before midnight, but don't want to spend a boatload on a prix fixe (most are well over 100).

Any suggestions for a solid restaurant that may be more in our price range?

Thanks and happy holidays!

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  1. Hi there. I'm not sure whether you are looking just to grab some food (in which case, any preferences as to what type of food or place?) or have a New Year's celebration at a restaurant which will most definetely be over $100 on New Year's Eve unless you head for a cantina or pizzeria. If you give me a few more details, I can give you a few suggestions in return.

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      We too will be in BA on New Years and are looking for restaurants, preferably in the San Telmo area where will will be staying for the following month. We are pretty adventuresome travelers and eaters. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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        BA pretty much shuts down for Xmas day & New Years day. If you are around during that time plan a nice walk/picnic.

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          And we, too - will be in BA for NYE this year. Definitely appreciate all these recommendations and tips.

      2. Hi there,
        You can look in, over there you can choose between price range, locations, type of food and more to find the best restaurant for you.

        1. "most are well over 100"

          Well, I'm right now in BA, reading the "aristocratic" paper La Nacion. Ads in today's issue:

          "Kansas American Cuisine" 4747-1030, 4776-4100, new year's eve dinner for ARP280 ( about U$S 70 ).

          Museo del Jamón (, Christmas Eve dinner ARP245 ( about U$S60).

          Just stay away from hotels, in particular big name ones, browse the ads in the papers.

          1. The problem you're going to run into is that outside of those places offering pricey, fancy dinners, there's not going to be a lot open here. Most restaurants and bars are closed on NYE, including the vast majority of casual spots like pizzerias and cafes. Unfortunately, I don't have much to suggest, it may come down to walking around just trying to find something open. It's a very family oriented night here, and the majority of people stay home and eat with family and friends, and then maybe go out to a club later (most will not open until past midnight on NYE).

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              Agree with the above post. We arrived in BA at 6:30pm on December 31 from Ushuaia - with no dinner reservations anywhere. BA was like a ghost town - everything was closed. The only place we could find near our hotel was a Chinese restaurant buffet. Everything else was either closed or you needed reservations for an (expensive) fixed price dinner. Even the "25 hours" stores were closed.

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