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Dec 21, 2008 03:52 PM

Ben's eXtreme BBQ in Bayville ..2 Thumbs up!!

Just got back from Ben's extreme Bayville NJ on Rt9.....
ow what a great meal.....we entered the nice restaurant area....but opted for the wooden booths in the bar side to watch the Eagles game also on the Big HdTv's...

Looking at the extensive menu the Chef special Cream Roasted Garlic Bisque with a Brandy Cream Drizzle caught our we ordered two & OMG it was SO good!!!...thick, creamy with chunks of roasted garlic.
Next I wanted to try everything on the menu so the waitress suggested the House Special Combination BBQ platter which was HUGE (enough for 2) included Smoked Hot/Sweet sausage, Brisket, Smoked Deep Fried Wings, Baby Back Ribs, and delicious Pulled Pork..w/ Garlic mashed potatoes & Brisket BBQ baked beans oh so good. Everything was scumptuous & the BBQ sauces all on the side were great too the Sweet Habanero sauce was just right & not too hot at all aside from the smoked Hickory, & Texas style. Let me also say that the Cornbread was the BEST
I have ever had anywhere ....moist thick & delicious with a nice corn & butter taste.I ordered two extra portions to go too!
Topped it all off with a Ice cold Sam Adams Brew!

I will be back for sure for more & to try the Fried Green Tomatoes too...

check it out the price is right & you want be disappointed!

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  1. Interesting... burnt ends by the pound for takeout, sauce on the side, sounds legit; always looking for real barbecue around these parts. If it's good, I hope it hangs on because nothing independent and decent that's not a chain restaurant - or diner or cheap pizza/chinese or old folks early bird house - seems to be able to last in Ocean County.

    Speaking of the good don't last, did you ever make it to the now many years defunct Tom's Ribber on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River?

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      Check out Ben's eXtreme BBQ it's the real deal without going down south....!!
      He cares about bbq & thats the secret! we're going back sunday for the game again for sure! I got a nice hefty Gift Certificate for Xmas !!
      It blows away the now closed Toms Ribber for sure been there few times in the past...


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        Just returned from Ben's xtreme BBQ & had a very nice meal there.....Lobster bisque soup creamy with chunks of lobster very tasty....& I had my favorite North Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich with home made coleslaw....Yummy great smokey flavor slowly cooked, great assorted sauces also, I love the Sweet Habanero! .....Ben came out and talked with us such a nice guy who really loves what he does... Xtreme BBQ is a true treasure in an area void of Good BBQ places if you can find any good ones at all in NJ.

        Check it out sometime!