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Which LA Area Costco's Sell Prime Beef??

I understand some Costco's are starting to sell Prime Beef instead of just Choice. Not just roasts, but various cuts. I live in Santa Clarita (ours doesn't sell Prime grade). Anybody know which area Costco's sell Prime?


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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in San Dimas (or is that Glendora over there?), on Lone Hill.

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      You are correct San Dimas has it. So does the Costco in Irwindale and City of Industry.

    2. Both of the Costcos I go to have it - Marina Del Rey and the one on Rosecrans (Manhattan Beach / El Segundo ?). Usually NY and RibEye. Currently, they also have prime rib roasts.

      1. At Costco Los Feliz I've seen in the cryovac packages, but you have to buy the whole 7 ribs. I've seen NY cut, but you have to buy the whole loin. The prices aren't that far off from what you pay at other places for prime grade, so don't go out of your way.
        Or you can mail order the Prime Wagyu rib roast for $2,299....shipping and handling included.

        1. i believe that the closest to you would be burbank.

          1. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for at Costco an alternative place to look is Hows Market where they are currently featuring prime grade prime rib for $8.99 a pound:


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              Just bought a How's prime prime rib yesterday. A gorgeous piece of meat.

            2. The Costco in Alhambra and City of Industry will often have prime cuts of beef at various times, and sell it at choice prices.

              I remember that prior to July 4, the Alhambra Costco brought out trays of prime grade ribeyes for about a 2-4 hour period, and then poof, no more ... back to choice.

              1. Van Nuys definitely had it too.

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                  I was just at the Van Nuys location yesterday and they had Prime roasts and steaks. We get them all the time, very good quality.

                2. The one in Westlake Village has prime beefs in gobs of different cuts!!

                  1. Sorry to bring this up again, but there must have been some confusion. I visited both the Burbank and Van Nuys Costcos. Speaking to the butchers, they told me that neither one of those has ever carried Prime Grade beef, only Choice.

                    I'm only looking for PRIME grade beef. I.E. USDA Prime, not the traditionally named "prime rib roast".

                    Reason I want to find this is to buy a Prime grade primal cut to age in my fridge at home.

                    Again, all costcos carry Choice, but which ones have Prime grade also? thanks

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                      Ask the customer service person up front near the registers.

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                        Try calling San Dimas. I have bought PRIME grade there.

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                          The Costco in the Marina / Venice location seems to have prime rib eyes and prime New Yorks just about all the time now. I age the steaks by taking them out of the wraper, placing them on a paper towel on a plate and place in the fridge. After a day, I'll turn them over and place a fresh paper towel. In about 2-3 days, they are dark red and have lost moisture. They look exactly like the aged steaks in Whole foods that sell for like $25 a pound. Place on a hot grill, 4 minutes per side - perfection! They also have frozen prime filets. I'd like to see them get some prime porterhouse. (now you made me hungry!)

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                            Baron, do you put the plates with the steaks on them in a ziploc bag? Or do you have the steaks exposed in the refrigerator?

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                              Exposed to the air in the fridge. That is the whole idea, so the cool air allows for some dehidration- the meat will shrink, turn bright red (not brown) and will be more dense and more tender + better flavor. 2-3 days will do it. The steaks should be at least 1 1/4 inch to start. They even look better after being cooked properly. Dont overcook. I'd swear they cook faster because there is less water or liquid or whatever in them that drains out.

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                                We'd like to remind everyone that discussion of cooking steaks belongs on the Home Cooking board. Please direct future discussion of cooking and aging methods there, and keep this thread focused on where to find prime beef in the Los Angeles area.

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                            If you are referring to the Costco on Sepuvida and Oxnard in Van Nuys, I do not see how the butchers could have told you they do not carry prime beef. I have been buying prime (not choice) NY cut and rib eye steaks there for about 1 year and they are excellent. They have had them every time I have been there--at least once per week.

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                              Just last week I bought some USDA prime ribeye steaks from the Costco on Los Feliz in Atwater village. Very tasty. Perhaps it is not always in stock, and you have to time it just right?

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                                According to this Post:

                                "Costco's contracts with their meat suppliers specify "choice or better" for a contracted price. Every now and then, when a supplier runs out of choice, they have to substitute prime. "

                                That may be why it is catch it when you can with the Prime meat.

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                                  was at costco burbank yesterday (1/31). they had rib eye's and new york's in BOTH choice and prime.

                                2. Just for the record, the Torrance Costco carries USDA Prime Grade rib eye and NY steaks pretty much all year 'round, and USDA Prime Grade prime rib roast during the holidays.

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                                    Van Nuys ABSOLUTELY sells prime rib eye steaks. I'm not sure who you spoke to, but my guess is that it was just a clerk.
                                    OT but has anyone else noticed that the one guy that sells fresh/frozen seafood is either overwhelmed or not at his booth? It's so frustrating!

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                                      Westlake Village also ABSOLUTELY sell Prime.

                                  2. Thanks for the replies folks.