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Dec 21, 2008 03:37 PM

St. Lawrence Market on Christmas Eve. Am I kidding myself?

We wanted to buy fresh foods on Christmas Eve for our Eve and Christmas Day I kidding myself that there will be stock of good roast cuts (pork, beef, vension etc) or should I count on going earlier in the week?

I'm assuming that, since the butchers there are working with fresh and constantly replenished stock that we'll have a good selection, even on Christmas Eve...but I also don't want to trek down and be faced with bare shelves. Any insight?

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  1. You might want to show up early on the 24th just to be sure. But I can't see every butcher in SLM running out. They are opening at 6am that morning specifically for people who want to buy fresh on the day so I'm assuming all vendors will be fully stocked. I don't see you leaving empty handed that's for sure. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

    1. I agree earlier is better but you should have no problem finding good fresh cuts of meat. By the way, the market closes at 3pm on Christmas Eve -

      1. I went in to buy duck yesterday, and Uppercut had just received a large shipment of them in, the last for a while to sell throughout the holiday season. So my insight might be that no merchant in St. Lawrence is likely to have ordered anything to arrive as inventory "just in time" for Xmas eve. My recommendation would be that you go purchase what you need and store it yourself rather than risk the merchants themselves running out of stock that they too would otherwise be storing.

        1. Borderline silly. Looking for a "late Saturday" style deal? Buy ASAP what you'll want--Mon or Tues at the latest. "Fresh" pork/beef/poultry will be fine 1-2 days after purchase. Besides, that's why many sellers ask/insist on order-only for Xmas to avoid getting stuck with excess stock, esp. pricier cuts.

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            both sides of the market are opening at 5:30am on Christmas Eve I believe. I heard a vendor saying they would be there at 5:30am at least.

            I bought a lovely organic turkey breast and tradional stuffing and gravey. So all I have to do is cook it.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Thanks for the honest reply. I am heading down there at lunch time today to secure a nice roast. Thanks for all the insight and replies...I just won't risk Christmas Eve, just in case.