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Dinner in Pacific Beach for 10 adults

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My family will be together for the first time in years for the holidays and we'd like to have dinner out together in PB. Although we'll have in-laws from Japan to Sweden and hence widely diverse tastes, everyone likes American and Mexican food. And while we don't want to spend a fortune, it can't be a bar or taco hut. I mean, how often does anyone get the whole fam together besides for a funeral???

Anyway, I welcome any suggestions! Thank you :)


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  1. The Fishery is a great seafood restaurant that may accomodate large parties. It'd be worth a phone call to find out. Cheers.

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        Yep, that's a great recommendation. Costa Brava has a large table on their back patio that is perfect for dinner parties. Their food is terrific, the best Spanish in SD. If you get there between 4:00-7:00, you can enjoy select tapas and sangria at happy hour prices.