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Dec 21, 2008 03:07 PM

ISO: Rye flour

So, got a breadmaker for my birthday and want to make rye bread. I don't see rye flour in any supermarket, and would prefer not to buy bulk barn flour. Where to go?

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  1. If you shop Loblaws supermarkets, you can find rye flour in their specialty foods section (where the organic stuff is).

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    1. re: budeeez

      I'm pretty sure that the Forest Hill Loblaws (at Bathurst & St. Clair) sells rye flour in the "Natural Values" section (as Budeeez specified above).

    2. Bulk Barn has rye flour, plus high protein bread flour you will also need to let the rye rise.

      1. Noah's or Whole Foods should carry it for sure. Most likely in the Bob's Red Mill brand.


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        1. re: wontonfm

          Highland Farms -Mississauga 10/Britania had a good price on a 5 lb bag. Last Tuesday.Almost bought, but that's a lot of rye flour. I did buy Roger's Whole Wheat

        2. What is your objection to Bulk Barn rye flour? I'm sure they would show you the source if you asked.

          1. I always get it at Rubes in the basement of the St Lawrence Market. He's the awesome old guy who sells rice, and off to the side, beside the coffee place, he sells all sorts of flour.