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Dec 21, 2008 01:56 PM

The Bread Shack in Auburn, Maine

This is an excellent new bakery that recently opened on Center Street (beyond Shaw's if you're headed north; tucked in amid the car dealers). The bread and pastries are superb, and the prices are great.

The place is owned by Dara Reimers, who represented the United States in the world baking championships in Paris last spring. Her baguette is fantastic (warning: it's also addictive). A baguette goes for $1.99. Her croissants, which are incredible, are around $2.50.

She's got a website ( and takes orders online. It's worth getting on her mailing list. On a rainy day a few weeks ago, she e-mailed subscribers to let them know that everything was half price for the afternoon. You can bet that got me into the car!

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  1. Oh, yeah. The Bread Shack is great, although I take a bit of issue with the location. That said, everyone should go. Good, no -- awesome -- scones too.

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    1. re: the_MU

      Thanks for the head's up. I'll stop by next time I'm in the neighborhood. Hopefully it'll be a Saturday - I see they have Anadama as the special.

      1. re: delong99

        Agreed, the location is a tough one -- but it is a start-up business. If you're headed north, it's on the left just before Center Street Auto. If you reach Lake Auburn, you've gone about half a mile too far.

        Just ordered chocolate ganache and raspberry frangipane tortes for Christmas Eve. Unbelieveable to get such quality for $14.95.

        1. re: Nelly Bly

          Sounds like you know ALL the latest specials. Does she pay you to do her advertising?

    2. Thanks for the link! I'd heard about this place and will definitely be checking it out (just got on the mailing list!). Nice to see something out that way besides car dealers, Arby's, and the 99...

      1. I wasn't impressed when I went in there last week. The croissants were dripping with grease and her breakfast pastry actually made me sick to my stomach. Things that were good a couple of months ago now taste like crap. Maybe she needs to go back to Paris and bone up on her baking. I won't be back. Yuck!

        1. The Bread Shack is an amazing bakery, far and away the best I have visited and that includes time spent in Europe! Relaxed and friendly staff, outrageously delicious pastries, breads and cookies not to mention the newly introduced tarts and seasonal favorites like hot cross buns and Irish soda bread combine to make this a truly stellar bakery. Personal favorites include the chocolate cookies, almond croissants-if you go early and get them warm, they are sinfully good-, the ginger scones, ciabatta bread, fougasse, and the baguettes. If you have not yet been to the Bread Shack, GO. If you go, be prepared to make return visits. Simply put, the Bread Shack is addictive!