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Dec 21, 2008 01:02 PM

Stanley, a work in progress

We went for lunch Sat. The waitstaff was cordial but not fluent in English. We had to repeat everything several times and point to the items on the menu. Eventually they got it right. This was expected having read other reviews so it wasn't an issue.

It's a nice space with a great location.

We decided to split a softshell crab w/slaw and remoulade ($14) and the Korean barbque beef ($17) , These are smaller than a typical (Parkway) po-boy.

The crab was tasty and improved with some hot sauce. The Korean barbque was totally unexpected. Thick slices of nearly raw , cold beef, topped with kimchee. Neither of us ate more than a bite.

2 po-boys,an order of ordinary fries, 2 cokes tax/tip around $50.

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  1. The kimchi po boy is amazing! I can't believe you didn't like it... Are you just not a fan of kimchi?

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      Aside from the outer sear, the beef was raw (not rare). Sorry, but I'll pass on ,raw beef and kimchi on a bun..

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      1. Delicious breakfast, but expensive.

        1. We ran into Chef Boswell outside of Stanley's as he rode up on his segway. After chatting about our dinner at Stella! on Christmas Eve, he said he had to go in and check on his new..........I inserted "baby" and he said "monster". We had to leave town just after we saw him or we would have tried it for lunch.


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            We had lunch at Stanley last week. We had a soft shell crab po boy, a reuben and a cheeseburger w/ fries. Service was very slow but friendly. The crab po boy was very good with a nice coleslaw and remoulade sauce. The reuben was tasty and the burger was adequate. We also had dinner at Stella on xmas eve. kftw, did you enjoy your dinner? I had the skate "fish & chips" which I thought was great. What did you have?

            1. re: sibeats

              We had the tasing menu and shared the wine tasting. We thought it was great overall. I'm not a fan of avacado, so the shrimp/avacado salad was my only complaint. The "fish & chips" was one of our favorites of the tasting. First time we have tried a wine tasting and I think it really added to the dinner. Each course was well paired with the wine either improving some dishes or improving the taste of the wine.

              1. re: kftw

                My husband ordered the crab/avocado salad (or was it shrimp?) and he didn't think much of it either. I loved the skate. The squash soup app was delicious and we enjoyed the duck 5 ways as well.

                1. re: sibeats

                  It was crab instead of shrimp. After five days of seafood, I had a senior moment. We thought the squash soup was wonderful too.

                  1. re: kftw

                    I hear you...I was just thinking about all of our meals and realized that I ordered fish all 7 nights for my dinner entree! Where else did you eat?

                    1. re: sibeats

                      We were only there for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Lunch Chrismas Eve we ate at Acme. Had the Char-grilled oysters. First time to try oysters and they were great. Stella!, of course. Christmas Day we took two tours & squeezed in Tujaques between the tours. Very disappointed. I knew it wasn't going to be "fine dining" & reviews were mixed. I was hoping they would have their regular menu but not so. We weren't prepared for turkey & dressing. It was good but not what we were expecting. I was hoping to try their "garlic chicken". Cafe du Monde Friday morning and then we hit the road.

                      1. re: kftw

                        Did you ask about the Chicken Bonne Femme? It's not listed on the regular menu, so keep that in mind for next time. They may not have been willing to do it on Christmas anyway.

                        1. re: uptownlibrarian

                          Yes, I did ask and was told all they were serving was turkey & dressing as they did not buy the supplies to prepare anything else. We did enjoy trying their brisket that we had heard so much about. The turkey & dressing were good, but not what we were hoping for. I should have called to confirm the menu but got lazy.