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Dec 21, 2008 12:46 PM


Anyone been? Have been hearing rave reviews.

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  1. In honor of John. What city is this located in?

    1. Alpha Global Sushi at Richards and Helmcken in downtown Vancouver?

      I like it there better than the other izakayas because it is more intimate, less chaotic and usually no wait for tables.

      Seared pepper tuna, the korokkes and the rolls with mango and eel are the usual items I order. I've brought many friends/guests there and have yet to have anyone not like it.

      Oh yeah, they have very interesting menus.

      1. I've been there once. I liked it. I agree that it's less chaotic there, I really like that it's less busy than other izakayas, and it's sometimes easier to find parking in their area.

        yummy pics attached

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          more pics, plus a beer with tomato juice (never again)

          1. re: flowbee

            That's the menu behind the beer with tomato juice!

            1. re: kwailan4

              yeah, it was their menu pasted into some book that looked like it came out of an elementary school library... at least elementary schools in my day...

              1. re: flowbee

                It's actually books on aliens. One of my friends remarked that he read the whole series!

        2. Good food and interesting drinks!

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            and you can't go wrong with pitcher beer speicals on sunday and thursdays!
            i find the food very good . . . but much pricer then somewhere like Guu