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Help: Source for pasteurized eggs? (OC)

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Help! I need a source for eggs pasteurized in the shell. I want to make a decent eggnog using raw egg. Ordinarily, I'd risk it with fresh regular eggs. However, I have a dinner party and some older folks will probably drink the stuff. I live in HB, but am willing to make a reasonable drive to find a source for usable eggs.

Alternatively, I could buy pasteurized eggs in a bottle/jar, but I have no idea what measurements to use for yolk and white (the recipe is just by the egg).

Any help or advice appreciated.

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  1. I haven't found pasteurized whole egg even in cartons here in California. Used to buy'em by the quart in Nashville. I'd like to hear about any source for any kind of pasteurized whole egg anywhere.

    1. I just saw these at my Vons in Santa Monica a couple months ago. Not sure of the brand, but they were in the clear plastic case instead of a cardboard carton. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted pasteurized eggs (I usually buy the omega enriched eggs) so I passed, but took note of them.

      1. you can buy them in a carton at Restaurant Depot - you need to be a professional to buy stuff there, but they also have a side called Jetro Cash and Carry which might just require a signup (not sure). the cartons have the equivalent measurements on them. i am pretty sure that there are several locations in the LA area, so there migh be one close to you.

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          Restaurant Depot is a division of Jetro, and they both require business licenses to join. (You don't have to actually be in the food industry to join, you just need the right documentation ;-)

          If the OP is still looking six months after posting, then I'd suggest Smart & Final (might have it) or Canton Food (open to the public).

          Canton Food Co
          750 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA