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Dec 21, 2008 11:33 AM

Exciting news about Nava Thai

Just returned from a late lunch at Royal Mile Pub (yum fish and chips)--as we were leaving I looked over toward Taverna Kefi to see that the sign is gone and that it has been replaced by a Nava Thai sign.

Sad news about Taverna Kefi, I know others had reported on here that it looked closed up recently, but excellent news for Nava Thai fans as their reopening was not supposed to be in Wheaton or take place anytime soon. A hand printed sign on the door says "coming soon." I can already taste the papaya salad.

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    1. So, they're moving 100 feet to a much larger space? And Wheaton remains the home of great Thai cooking?

      1. One problem is the space has been absolutely jinxed since Sir Walter Raleigh Inn moved out years ago and has had at least four restaurants come and go. The space is large and unless the Nava Thai owners cut it down, it might be difficult to keep the same standard of food preparation that they had at the smaller place. I guess we shall see.

        1. This from an e-mail I received:

          Thank you for your continued support on Nava Thai Restaurant. We are now happy to inform you that we have found the new place which is located right next to our old parking lot, and of course only a few steps away from the previous location.

          Our grand opening date will be January 3rd, 2009. Please visit our website at for our new hours and further information. Please print out a coupon from the attached file to receive a discount during your next visit to our restaurant.

          We're looking forward to seeing you again soon,

          Best Wishes,

          The Nava Thai Family
          11301 Fern Street
          Wheaton MD 20902
          Tel: (240) 430-0495

          1. Nava Thai is indeed open again. Even though I generally like to give new places time to work kinks out we went as I had a taste for Thai and a desire to get out of the house. The new space is indeed huge and very tastefully decorated. Since I never made it to Taverna Kefi I can't credit anybody for the design but it's a really pleasant environment.

            The menu has been expanded and, if memory serves, prices have been bumped up by a $1 for most dishes. The place was nearly full when we got there around 7 and the servers were hustling. Food was quite slow to come out. We waited nearly an hour for our entrees and were comped a drink while we waited. The table next to us left before their food came. The papaya salad was as good as ever, my husband had a new entree, a white pepper shrimp dish which he really enjoyed. I tried to order a new dish as well, a hot and sour curry but they didn't have it and settled for the green, which was flavorful since I'd only had it once before at the old place I can't really compare.

            They don't have their liquor license yet but the bar made a good place to wait for take out. I really want them to do well but clearly they are going to need more staff in the kitchen to keep up.

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              I had a different experience on Monday. Just had lunch there/ Arrived at 11:30 and was only one of 2 tables. Larb, Som Tum and Mixed Seafood with Chili Paste were all superb and brought out quickly. A great first visit to the new digs.

              1. re: deangold

                We went Sunday night and enjoyed it. The server told us that they given one month to leave the old space they had and were lucky that the new place was available. The decor is exactly what was at Taverna Kefi, it appears they took over lock, stock and barrel. Even the plates are the same.

                I'm not supprised there was not much of a lunch business, I don't think any of the restaurants in that triangle do much for lunch as the businesses are all on the other side of GA Ave. Only complaint I had was that there was no whole fish on the menu. However, what we did have was very good.