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Dec 21, 2008 11:27 AM

Inexpensive but decent wine from Penna State Store

I'm not only a beer noob, I'm a wine noob. And since I can't get wine at Costco he he what would be a good wine (under twenty bucks) to go with my costco chicken tonite? I would love to have a thread on wine from the Penna state store stay up here in the penna board, as they do get new stuff in every month and I need guidance from my fellow hounds.

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  1. Try Thirsty Lizard Savignon Blanc. $7.99 for a full litre. Comes in a box

    1. Meanage a Trois. It is a CA white blend and about 12$ in PA.

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      1. re: Chuckles52

        Thanks Fried and Chuckles, at those prices I can buy them both. Wheee! I got mauled at Costcos so I'll hit Penna.s sterile no nonsense liquor store tomorrow. Jersey is so much more fun to shop.

      2. Since I' m close to DE, i usually go there instead, but if PA stores are all you have, then try some of the ones suggested

        1. After doing a little research on wines in a box, I tried Seeberger Riesling and I think it is a nice white wine to have in the frig. The box stays fresh for about a month but I always manage to get through the box before the time is up.

          1. You have to go with a nice red if you'r doing the Costco chicken - Menage a Trois, Gnarly or Parallel 45 from France are all good, low cost, reds that really go well with rotisserie chicken!

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. Heading there today if I ever thaw out. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.