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Dec 21, 2008 11:26 AM

Help us eat well in Mont Tremblant area, please :)

NY foodies will be heading north in January and staying in a condo at Mont Tremblant , we have a car and are not looking forward to eating at the resort as the reviews here have not been all that favorable. What we are looking for is homey, local, good quality ingredients/meals. It does not have to be a well known place nor are we looking for just high end but more farmhouse french and/or local cuisine, good wine (can even be good house wine) although either and any great place will do. Any bakeries or food shops would also be helpful as we will have a full kitchen to prepare meals, and the ability to load up the car with goodies to bring home. we have about 3 days of meals and are willing to travel for a great meal!

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  1. Hi Agent99, I'm looking for exactly what you asked in this thread for my upcoming trip to Tremblant. Would greatly appreciate if you could recommend something based on your experience. I'll have a car and kitchen, 5 days of meals, and willing to travel for a great meal as well. Thanks!

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      Food in the ski village is just OK and quite expensive. The one place that I go out of my way to eat is "La Savoie"; specifically to eat the raclette. It's the only place I know of that does it right, namely a full half-wheel of raw-milk cheese at your table, melting right onto the potatoes, rather than the little toaster-oven jobbies one usually sees. With viande de grisons, prosciutto, salami, and a green salad on the side. Hits the spot after skiing.

      If you are driving up from NYC, you will drive within 150 feet of the Atwater market, where you will find better food than anywhere near Tremblant. Stock up on cheese, prepared foods from "Terrines et Pates", bread from Premiere Moisson, etc - you'll figure it out easily enough once you go. Just plan ahead to hit it during opening hours.

    2. There is a thread on a place called sEb; check it out.

      You can get some pretty good prepared food in St. Sauveur at a place called "Chez Bernard". They have bread from Premiere Moisson, chocolate from Genevieve Grandbois, smoked salmon, foie gras, cheese, duck confit pies, etc.

      St. Sauveur also has an SAQ with a good selection of wines.

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        well we were caught up there with little info, but we really enjoyed sEb, i posted another post on this board about it, in st. jovite and the cheese shop there. we went to the cheval de jade (sp?) and it was good. i wish we had known about this Atwater market.. we avoided most of the places in the ski village but had to have the pizza one late night and it was less than pizza hut taste. cheeseburger and beer at the brewery place was ok.