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Dec 21, 2008 11:13 AM

Itinerary for next week - any better options?

Hi everyone

Finally have our itinerary for our NYC visit next week and I wondered if we have any real bloopers on there.

Please bear in mind that I have purposefully left out ethnic restaurants - the UK has an abundance of good ethnic restaurants and 90% of the time when we eat out at home, it's thai, chinese, indian or italian.

What we are searching for is good American food. Home cooked, comfort food in casual surroundings that won't break the bank.

Here we go....

Bubby's Tribeca (this is a favourite of ours having visited NYC a number of times before)

Nolita House for NYE

The Smith for NYD Brunch
Lombardi followed by Rice to Riches

Juniors (Brooklyn)

Tick Tock Diner (need a cheap, good breakfast near ESB)
Shake Shack
Blue Smoke (considered Dinosaur but struggled to find it last time and felt a little uncomfortable wandering around Harlem like obvious tourists)

Clinton St Baking Co
Final meal at Peter Luger (not cheap, I know!)

All thoughts, comments, tips and suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Bubb's was closed by board of health yet (obviously) reopened, perhaps with better standards.
    I don't understand many of your choices.
    Consider these:
    Blue Ribbon
    Little Owl
    The Harrison
    Red Cat
    David Burke and Donatella

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    1. re: pheasantplucker

      Which choices don't you understand and what alternatives would you suggest? i am open to trying new places so long as the casual and low price categories.

    2. Skip Junior's. If you'd like to do something in Brooklyn (other than Luger's), though, ask on the Outer Borough's Board. Perhaps Pizza would be the way to go in Brooklyn (as I would certainly recommend omitting Lombardi).

      Dinosaur is pretty easy to get to without getting lost. Use Google maps for directions. I think it is far more interesting (and less expensive) than Blue Smoke.

      Finally, you should not miss Katz's for deli (get the Pastrami sandwich). Is deli why you were going to Juniors? If so you would definitely be disappointed.

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      1. re: bobjbkln

        Juniors was just for a typical amerocan diner. We did consider pizza, but meeting a friend who is eating low carb.

        1. re: tinabull

          It's not typical, and I had a good meal there several months ago (a tongue sandwich and I believe split pea soup). But it's in Brooklyn and should be discussed on the Outer Boroughs board.

          I think that Lombardi's has been coasting on reputation for years. In that area, I'd recommend Arturo's, instead. Houston St., corner of Thompson. But you might consider going to Spanish Harlem for a couple of pies at the original Patsy's, instead. I haven't been there for a while, but did consider it better - thinner crust, more char. Arturo's has live jazz, though, which is nice, and it's in the Village. Your choice.

          1. re: Pan

            Just for the record, Junior's has two location in Manhattan, one in the Theater District on 45th St., and the other in Grand Central Terminal's downstairs food court. I've not been to the latter. The only thing I've had at the 45th St. location is an egg cream (from the take-out area), and it was excellent.

            1. re: RGR

              Oh. I've patronized only their original Brooklyn location. I did know about the Grand Central location, but think of it as more of a lunch counter than a restaurant and therefore discount it in general discussions.

              1. re: Pan

                Yes, the Grand Central location literally is in a food court. Not very welcoming at all. Bright fluorescent lights, and all. The area immediately around Junior's is probably fine but the rest of the food court feels like you're in a too-bright, messy mall.

        2. re: bobjbkln

          Ok, have substituted Blue Smoke for Dinosaur. Hopefully we'll find it this time!

          katz I'm afraid is out for us as we don't like pastrami... gasp shock horror!

          1. re: tinabull

            A great option for bbq is Daisy May's, on the corner of 11th Av. & 46th St. It's cafeteria-style service -- ergo, very reasonable prices -- and there's no decor to speak of. But who cares?! The bbq is delicious! The only "problem" is that they close relatively early.


        3. you seem to have a very odd mix me and my wife are both british and have lived here for 5yrs she is a chef and i am a butler we aim to eat healthy and cheap often and find the following to be both
          nobu next door lunch menu( no reservations about 25 $)
          barbuto ( modern american italian one of our favs)
          jin fong ( dimsum in chinatown largest resterant in manhattan an Experience)
          georgias bbq ( small ,cheap very good food also byo)
          el quijote(spanish old school style) vvv good
          red cat is good a bit pricey thou
          rub also for bbq it was better i havent been for a while
          kefi (greek just opened in new premisis v good modern greek
          also uncle nicks greek has a new lcation on 28th st at 8th ave i think also good
          jo jo a french place on the upper east has a 25 $ lunch menu portions are small but good food and a nice room
          frankies spuntino 17 clinton st nyc italian ok could be more interesting
          for steak i recomend aurthers in hoboken you take the hoboken train from 34th st herald sq to hoboken and walk a few blocks this is on the other side of the river and offers excelent views of manhattan
          hope you enjoy your trip

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. hi

              -- i agree w/ skipping Lombardi's...many better pizza options...

              -- consider Keens...and if you do the pub room at Keens instead of doing Lugers you'd save some money and have a better atmosphere...

              -- i wouldn't be so quick to eliminate Italian...even if you have some nice options in the UK, NYC has tons of affordable and delicious Italian places: consider Malatesta in the West Village and Cacio e Vino in the East Village...