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Dec 21, 2008 11:01 AM

Revisiting The Rahway Situation - Chinese?

Ok, so I've been living here a few weeks now and slowly delving into the food scene here. Sadly I'm mostly cooking at home due to the weather but suddenly got a craving for Chinese and realized I need to start finding out about this.

I'd posted on the site asking about restaurants in town also and got a few suggestions for Chinese with the warning that nothing in the immediate vicinity was "great".

Happened to pass Panda China (is that the correct name?) on St. Georges near Westfield Avenue on the way home from a day out last night and decided to try it. Was passable, nothing fantastic but was definately edible - your basic take-out.

I'd use them again but am hoping for something better. Somewhere that does delivery would be a coup. I'm even willing to drive a bit further out for something less "generic" even if they don't deliver, since now and then I like going and having a sit down too. Not as far as Scotch Plains and Hungs (my old haunt) or Edison. Maybe Clark?


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  1. I like the Rice Bowl on Westfield Ave. in Clark. Pick up only though. I'm a Lo Mein lover and I enjoy theirs

    For delivery, I'd see if China Phoenix Kitchen will deliver to you. Their listed in Cranford but it's on the very edge and they're not far at all from Rahway. They have healthy options that are executed pretty well.

    Neither place is a good option for sitdown. I guess for sitdown I'd head down 1 and 9
    to King's Chef

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      ah, this is a tough one for rahway. I loved the look of panda, but agree, food is just passable. best chinese in the area and surrounding, for takeout, is china cafe. orginally from bklyn been here about 15 years. located BEHIND best buy off rt 1 north, in the back there by uyee sushi and fridays. have a few tables. VERY good food. sit down i like jade dynasty in wdge/metuchen/edison border, on amboy between Rt 514 and Rt 1, across from the edison diner.

      1. re: nyebaby37

        I'm from Brooklyn originally also so good Chinese is part of my life let alone lived in NYC for more years than I can remember. I've been living in Scotch Plains for 8 years and was used to eating at Hungs which is fantastic - and doing take out from Rice Inn which was very good also. I got spoiled unfortunately.

        I'll keep all your suggestions in mind. I don't mind driving out of the area as long as it isn't too far. I know where the Edison Diner is, that isn't too far to drive at all so Jade Dynasty could be a good bet. Will try the China Cafe too at some point.


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        Oh my - Cranford? I'd be shocked if they deliver but I'll give it a try some time.

        I'll certainly try Rice Bowl. Thanks for that suggestion. And thanks for the King's Chef idea for sit down.

        1. re: jrd303

          I think that it all depends on what Elora's concept of "Chinese Food" actually is. If he/she is one who likes only Americanized Chinese food, then the suggestions already made may be okay.

          However, if Elora is familiar with the type of Chinese food that is eaten by Chinese people, those suggestions will be sure to disappoint. My former SO is Chinese, and we never visited the aforementioned places more than once. Other Asian friends have specifically stated that they did not like King's Chef, other than perhaps for dim sum.

          If Elora wants a Chinese restaurant that is patronized primarily by Chinese people, the ONLY one in the area like that is "1-9 Seafood Plaza Restaurant", located at 1021 US Highway 1, in Avenel. It is located on the southbound side of the road, just prior to Avenel Street. They offer a diverse menu of truly authentic Chinese cuisine.

          1. re: Ted in Central NJ

            Ted, you've hit the nail on the head somewhat. I am familiar with more traditional Chinese food in addition to the typical americanized fare. This is the crux of the problem, as I'm very picky about where I will spend my money for this type of food. I will not frequent "average" Chinese just because I suddenly have a craving for it. Poor quality seems to be detected quickly in this type of cuisine, as least for me.

            I have heard of 1-9 Seafood but haven't ever visited because I lived a bit further away before. Now, being closer I'll make sure to visit.

            BTW, I'm a long time poster here, but used to use another name. You would previously remember me as Sivyaleah :)

            1. re: Elora

              Elora--Rahway is not that big, so you are undoubtedly located VERY close to 1-9 Seafood Plaza on Rt. 1. I urge you to give it a try because it is incredibly different from the other places that were recommended. On the other hand, if you want Beef and Broccoli, or Egg Foo Yung, or the Chop Suey/Egg Roll/Fried Rice combination plate, the earlier suggestions will probably do.

              Based on what you have said, I think that you will really like 1-9 Seafood Plaza.

              1. re: Ted in Central NJ

                I'll "third" 1-9 Seafood. I believe they follow the practice of some Hong Kong style restaurants that close mid to late afternoon on weekdays (roughly 3 pm to 5:30 or 6 pm) , so take that into account.

                1. re: Ted in Central NJ

                  1-9 it is.

                  I wouldn't eat Chop Suey or Beef and Broccoli if you paid me. Might do Egg Foo Yung just in memory of my mom tho lol. She was addicted to that stuff for some reason, tho I can't figure out why. I get indigestion everytime I eat it :p

                  1. re: Ted in Central NJ

                    BTW: This restaurant is NOT called "1&9 Seafood Plaza" any longer. Was there yesterday and it is now called "AK Seafood" (Asia King). Just thought people may want to know this to avoid confusion when trying to find it on maps, phonebooks, whatever.

                    And, it was wonderful. We went for dim sum, but unfortunately got there just after they stopped serving it. However, this didn't stop the waitress from offering us whatever they had left, if we were interested. She brought over a bunch of plates and we picked 6 of them; some shrimp dumplings, fried turtle balls, fish cakes, spring rolls, some kind of fish paste in hot chilis, and a spinach ball of some kind. Unfortunately, they were luke-warm so not to their best advantage, but still mighty good.

                    We didn't finish all of it, and decided to order something off of the main menu too. Got the Salt & Pepper Lobster. OMG, this was fantastic. 2 whole lobsters cut up and fried in the shell with S&P batter. I loved this, my BF found it a bit difficult to eat since it was piping hot and with the batter on you couldn't tell which pieces had the best lobster meat in them. But, he did agree the lobster itself was absolutely fresh and sweet and was very impressed overall.

                    Service was brisk and efficient and a bit "bristly" by some, but others were very polite and nice. We had no problem with anyone although it was a bit annoying that we had to pay for the dim sum first because it was technically lunch and then, pay for the lobster separately afterwards as this was then considered "dinner" Having to run the credit card twice seemed rather annoying.

                    It's only a couple of miles from our apartment in Rahway, so I'm sure this is going to become our usual for take-out as well. No point eating mediocre in town when something this good is only a stones throw car ride away.

                    Thanks so much for the recommendation!

            2. Route 1&9 Chinese is very is in Chinese with English translations

              When we go we are one of the few caucasians in the place, mosly ethnic Chinese go there.

              Be aware the service is typical from what one would get in a "Chiantown" type comes out as it is ready, waitstaff appear to be rude and uncaring, but are not

              King Chef can be very good as well....they make a great steamed whole fish with ginger and scallions

              As for Rahway not much good there....there is a place off St Georges behind the bank and BP/Amoco station...can't recall the name...tucked in behind the Drug fair...not too bad

              The place on Main St...#1 Chinese (I think is the name) is absolutely HORRIBLE

              Panda is OK, we get lunch from there sometimes

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                The place on Main, is doors away from my apartment. When we first moved in I took one look at it and proclaimed we would NEVER eat at that place. I can't imagine a more unappealing looking eatery.

              2. If you're willing to try Malaysian Chinese, you might go to Meemah on the corner of Parsonage Road and the Lincoln Highway. The sesame dumplings are worth the trip.