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Dec 21, 2008 10:52 AM

Parma Ham--Do You Eat the "White" Part?

That's basically it. There's the rich, red central meat part, and then there's the white or pale pink "fat" surrounding the edge. Is it proper to trim this off before you serve it, or self trim and leave on the plate once you've been served?


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  1. Are you kidding!!, that's the best part with a lot of flavor and texture. Don't trim ever! just eat and enjoy.

    1. Ever try lardo? It's pure white fatback salted and dried like prosciutto (and herbed). Sliced thin and served on bread like pig butter. Sometimes called (in the US) "Prosciutto Bianco" , but I know (and recommend) it.

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          1. Agree with all other posts... and I'm not sure why you used quotations around the word fat. It's plain and simple: it is fat.

            And to help answer your questions it is not proper to leave the leftover fat on your plate. Anyone who does, frankly shouldn't be buying or eating the ham.

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            1. re: HaagenDazs

              Well, it TASTED better that regular fat to TT, which is why I put it in quotes. That was the thing, some people ate it, while others trimmed and left it on the plate. It was served as a starter over a recent dinner.


              1. re: TexasToast

                Some people also cut the rind off of Brie and leave it on their plates. I haven't found many items served in restaurants which are not supposed to be eaten in their entirety, save stones/pits or shells.

                I'm sure that at least one of my friends--seeing the weath of flavour left on the plates--would request that the fat be passed over so they could consume it.

                1. re: TexasToast

                  "others trimmed and left it on the plate"

                  Perhaps instruction is in order next time.

                  1. re: HaagenDazs

                    In my experience the fat phobic can't be instructed. A friend of mine cut fat from her diet to the point of having gastrointestinal problems. A doctor had to tell her that she wasn't eating enough fat. She would never have listened to a lesser authority.