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Christmas Brunch/Dinner in Orlando

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For the first time - my family and I (husband and 8-year old son) will be all by ourselves for Christmas (Woo Hoo!!!) and while I love to cook - we have decided to take the day off and enjoy the culinary skills of someone else.

Any suggestions for late afternoon brunch or dinner place that will please the foodies in us - as well as the unfortunately pedestrian tastes of my lovely child (you know the story - chicken fingers, hot dogs, french fries, etc. -- and yes, we've tried to help him branch out but...we are hoping to enjoy the Christmas meal and not wear it!!)

At this point, we don't have any requirements -- casual, fancy, buffet, sit-down, off-the-wall and different works, as well --- any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time and enjoy your Holiday, as well!!!!!!

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  1. Few restaurants in town are open for Christmas, FLGTR. Your best bet is to choose a good restaurant in the tourist district--Disney, I-Drive, Universal--and dine there. The Ritz-Carlton is reputed to have some great holiday meals.

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