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Dec 21, 2008 10:43 AM

Quick Falafel, Waterbury, CT

If you enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine, you should check out the new place that opened. It's right on Wolcott Street at the corner of Lakewood.

They took over a small place that used to be a sub shop so it is small and not fancy but the food is excellent. Everything is always fresh and, I believe, made on the premises. I sampled the stuffed grape leaves, falafel and kafta. They had made a spinach dish similar to spanakopita that day - it's not listed on their menu - so I had to have a piece of that as well. All were superb and I left there stuffed - had to wrap up the kafta and baklava to take home! I will be going back again soon to try the other items on the menu that I didn't get to this time around. They have a small website up. It's new so I think they are still working on it. but it has what you need to know - the menu, the address and their hours.

If anyone has been there or goes, I'd love to hear about your experience.

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  1. Our group of four went Thursday night for dinner. The place was formerly a Blimpie's, so the interior is nothing at all. The service was eager and friendly. We had kabab salads, sandwiches, a mixed kabab dinner (beef, lamb, chicken with rice, salad and hummus with pita bread: $13.99), and also babganush, tabullie and yogurt cucumber sauce. All good and fresh. I wished they'd used real utensils instead of plastic, but they seemed to be doing a decent takeout business so maybe that's what they're aiming for. We will go back without hesitation when we're in the mood.

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      1. Absolutely love this place. have only been twice with my wife and daughter, but eveyrthing we have eaten has been very fresh and true to authentic mid east cuisine. the falafels are the best, as is the hummous. loved the babaganoush and the baklavas are to die for. Try the tea. it is not on the menu but ask the owner. really hope this restaurant can stay in business because every time i find a great restaurant in waterbury it closes... i.e. Hataya Thai cuisine. Please try Quick Falafel...

        1. As I mentioned in the other thread where you plugged this place, I found it quite gross. They need to start changing the oil more often.

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            I wish you'd given more details as to why you think the oil is old.

            Also, did you speak to the owner?

            1. re: Mahalabeya

              If you've ever tasted old oil, you'll know what I mean. And I'm the type to shy away from confrontation, I just won't be going back.

          2. We went here for lunch yesterday while shopping over on Wolcott Rd. We both had pitas, mine was with veggies and kibbe and my partner had one with chicken and veggies. They were both very fresh and very good. We also shared a fried eggplant appetizer......don't get it. When I put the piece of eggplant it my mouth it just exploded with grease once my teeth sank into it....blaaaaahhhhhh! I wanted to gag! I didn't eat anymore of it. We told the cashier it wasn't good but we were only offered a "sorry". It wasn't cheap either for what it was....$3.99 for 6 tiny and very thin slices of small eggplant about 2" in diameter. Stick to the sandwiches, they are better.