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Dec 21, 2008 10:42 AM

Carmen Anthony

We went to Carmen Anthony in New Haven the other evening. We were attracted by the "See Sip Savor" promotion that is going on at several New Haven Restaurants. The promotion is a three course dinner for $29.00. The "catch" is you have to be seated before 6:00 or after 9:00.

We both started with the Campagna Salad. Unfortunately, the dressing was not mixed properly, and it was very oily, with very little flavor.

My wife had the Filet Mignon Prosciuttini which is a filet mignon, stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, and baby spinach, topped with a port wine demi glace. She said it was excellent.

I had the Potato Encrusted Salmon, which is pan seared Salmon encrusted with potato and finished with a parmesan cream sauce, served with vegetables and mashed potato. It was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing.

For dessert, they offered creme brulee. I've never had creme brulee before, but it tasted wonderful.

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  1. We find Carmen Anthony very solid. I went for lunch at the Waterbury location (a booth in the bar) on snowy last Friday afternoon. Service was warm and professional. We were deciding about soup and went with the clam chowder (v. good if a bit too creamy and thick and not quite hot enough), but the waitress surprised us with little complementary cups of the cheeseburger soup, which we were also wondering about. A nice gesture, although I can't recommend the soup. We had good steak sandwiches (cut to fit a toasted hamburger bun) and a bananas Foster for dessert, along with three glasses of wine and coffee. Total bill was $68, and it would have been higher if it hadn't started snowing so hard outside. A thoroughly enjoyable meal overall.

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      I've eaten at more than one Carmen Anthony restaurant (usually Wethersfield, but Woodbury also), and I agree with coldduck: Very Solid. I have never had a bad meal there in maybe 15 times over the years. On more than one occasion, servers have excused themselves in the middle of taking our order because they were notified by the kitchen that food is ready for other diners. I don't know about you, but that is a policy I love! How many times have you had an expensive meal arrive luke warm? Consistent quality has a price tag, though, as you might expect.


    2. I dined there with a small group over the summer (Woodbury, I believe). Our food was fine- nothing was memorable (in fact, I don't remember what I ate, which is rare for me), but nothing was unappealing either.

      The service was good, but the waiter never brought DH's leftovers.

      The only real negative was our table. It wasn't a location problem, it was the table itself. It was one of those cheap, foldable tables with a white linen on top of it. It was chintzy and I kept banging my knee on the bottom. Something about that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

      1. I cannot report on the dinner at the Fish House in Avon.....because our reservation was not honored. I booked a reservation one week ago to celebrate the 90th birthday of mother. I used, as I always do to book a reservation and have never had an issue. I called today to confirm our reservation. We arrived at 6:45 p.m. for our reservation at that time and were told our table would be ready in 45 minutes and were asked to wait in the bar area. My mom does not wait in bars, and my 16 y.o. son is not permitted. We were given no reason....and despite my request were told there was nothing they could do. We left the restaurant and in 15 minutes, with a 5 minute notice were seated at Apricot's where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Carmen Anthony canceled my reservation with open table, so we could not leave negative feed back there.....NEVER AGAIN!

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          You should leave "negative feedback" with Carmen Anthony's. They might try and make up for their gaff.
          I've never been... Something would really have to motivate me.

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            We did eat at Carmen Anthony in New Haven - my daughter, myself, and my 14 yr. old grandson. I don't remember if we had to wait, I don't think we did, but have never had a problem sitting at a table in the bar with a 14 yr. old in any restaurant, as long as we don't sit up at the bar - In New Haven or in San Francisco (where we frequently visit). If it wasn't so expensive, i'd go back to Carmen Anthony in a minute! As it is, it will have to be a once in awhile special ocassion, but i look forward to going there.

          2. Going tonight for a wine dinner with Honig Winery. Hope it is better than the Hess dinner I went to over the summer.