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Dec 21, 2008 10:17 AM


In NY in the early 90s there was this place Benny's Burritos. Best thing was their brown rice burrito with beans and tofu sour cream and guac and it was awesome and I'm craving it now. Anything to recommend? Preferably "Mexican" over someplace like Real Food Daily, but I'm open to anything tasty.

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  1. the best one i've found is the SUPER BURRITO at THE SPOT in hermosa beach.
    be sure to order more red sauce, and extra salsas (both red and green) on the side.

    while they serve MANY good dishes there, imho, their mexican themed dishes are good, and are far superior to asian-themed (not very good) ones.

      1. I think maybe you're thinking of Burritoville? Check out Interim Cafe on Wilshire. I'm pretty sure I saw tofu burritos with brown rice on the menu.

        1. Benny's was good, that's for sure, I ate there a lot. I think they're considered Mission Style burritos. I've seen that style of burrito more in San Francisco and north of here rather than in L.A. It might be a regional thing. I'd love to find some around here, too.

          1. Thanks for these replies. Yes, mission style sounds about right. Weird that there's so little around here. I will definitely be looking into Interim and The Spot. Wish there was something on Ventura Blvd!!