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Dec 21, 2008 09:08 AM

Steeler Bar in Seattle?

My husband and I are moving to Seattle from Pittsburgh and we are looking for a bar to watch the remainder of the season. Any suggestions? It has been rumored that Fado Irish Pub, Floyd's Place, Fremont Dock, and the Sports Edition Lounge have designated as "Official Steeler Bars", but I was wondering if they are any good, and if 1 is recommended more than another. Any help would be appreciated! Sorry Seahawk fans :)

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  1. Floyd's Place is the one.

    Fado is too close to Qwest Field to be anything other than full of Seahawks fans on Sundays.

    1. Floyd's Place has the NFL package......but so do a lot of other bars in Seattle. I am a former Pittsburgher living in Seatttle and I have been going to Sideline Sports Bar in the Bellevue/Factoria area for about 10 years. It is an "Official Steelers Bar" we have a great group of people, mostly all of them from Pittsburgh. I know it's not in Seattle, but it is a short 15 minutes from downtown. See you there! Go Steelers!

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        Relocating from CA but originally from New Castle, PA. Born and raised a Steelers fan and had a great place in CA to watch the game surrounded by awesome "strangers" who became regular football buddies. Now moving to Lakemont area of Bellevue. Just wondering, since your post was written over 4 years ago, if Sideline Sports Bar is still the place to go. Dont want to miss a minute of the new season and finding a Steelers bar is in the top three of places to find (right after a good preschool for my daughter, and a house!) Thanks for helping out! Tonya

      2. Fado's downtown is great. They give us our own room that is full of dozens of Steelers fans each weekend. Its a little tough to find parking when the Seahawks are in town, but that should not be a problem this Sunday. Check out the Seattle Steeler Fan meetup group for details

        1. I've heard rumors that there are some Steeler fans that are starting to get together at Shultzy's Sausage Shop in the U district. to watch the games, drink beer, and eat really tasty french fries (the sausages are good too).