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Fan's pub and grill Jackson N.J.

Does anybody have any info on the new place ..looks like a high end sports bar

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      Former site of Scorpio's Steakhouse. Noticed it the other day. Sorry but I have no info on the place.

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        ok .......I know the area well. Surf Taco is in that plaza also.....
        I'll keep an eye out for its opening not that we need another sports bar but hopefully it will be a bit different then most food wise.

        1. re: Tapas52

          I am not sure why my post was deleted. But if it was because I am believed to be affiliated with The Fan's Pub and Grill than I take this time to state that in no way am I an employee, or owner, or the like. I am only an interested member of the community.

          So for those who actually care to know about The Fan's Pub and Grill:

          The opening has been postponed to Monday, Febury 15, 2009.

          If you need anymore info contact them yourselves.

          Street: 21 South Hope Chapel Road
          City/Town: Jackson, NJ
          Phone: (732) 363-3267

    2. My husband and I went to Fan's last weekend. It was a terrible experience. Now I did hear that from someone else that the food was excellent a few days prior but that the chef quit.

      We ordered some parmesan truffle french fries, a side salad and a burger. My husband had the burger and did say it was good. The fries were so bad they were inedible. The bloody mary I ordered was virgin because I'm pregnant. However I left feeling buzzed. The side salad wasn't even good. The tomatoes were almost frozen and the dressing was gross. The service and food was so bad that the servers didn't even dare give us a check. Not to mention their computers were down. It was awful. But maybe in time they will get better.

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        julesb33 there is a nice casual Italian restaurant right in front of Fan's Pub.....called Maria Linda's in the small strip mall....very good food which has been there years before that new mall was built.

        1. re: Tapas52

          been there....no atmosphere and no bar.

          1. re: Bobbieboy

            no atmosphere and no bar.......

            It's a good pizza joint real Jackonites have been eating there for years......I don't drink anyway.

          2. re: Tapas52

            Been there too - never going back. Typical run-of-the-mill pizza place.

            1. re: rush71

              This is not even a pizza place at all ....

            2. re: Tapas52

              Love Marialinda's .. It is by far much better than Doaldo's in that strip Mall

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              As you may know there are 2 post for the Fan ..They need quick help ! in many areas .The manager is invisalable ,bar staff is weak ,for the most part ,they do not pay attention and food is ,maybe ok

              1. re: big1515

                Went to Fan's Monday the 9th. around 4pm with my wife.
                The 6th was their first day opened, not counting the 'friends & family' pre opening dinner.

                In short we had a very good, (not perfect) experience. Considering they've only been opened three days, they are doing pretty good.
                Light years better than the old Scorpio's.

                We sat at the bar, and were greeted by the bartender, who introduced herself as Louise.
                Looking at the menu, I noticed that the same size filet mignon that was $34 at Scorpio's, is now $18!!

                My wife and I both ordered burgers, and a fried calamari app.
                The app was conceptually good, fried calamari with a sweet & spicy glaze, and a roasted garlic mayonnaise on the side. It's flaw was that they were greasy. I later realized, when my fries came out with my burger and they were greasy too; the oil in the fryer wasn't hot enough.

                On to the burger: I order mine medium and it came out as ordered, was very good, as was my wife's.
                The waffle fries were greasy as I mentioned earlier.

                The very friendly hostess came over, and asked if we would mind filling out a survey.
                She said they want to know about any problems upfront and what changes they should make.
                She passed a survey to everyone at the bar.

                About twenty minutes later, one of the owners came over to us.
                Asked what we thought, was adamant about letting him know of any problems, and what we thought of the prices, etc.
                We were impressed at how proactive they are, and the fact they are really trying to make a successful restaurant.

                We will be back.

            4. Went there with my son last Sunday. Had a strange experience with the wait staff.

              They were advertising a 25 cent wings special during the NASCAR Race. Since the race was on I asked the server if we can get the wings special. She checked with the mgmt and came back and said yes. So we ordered 20. She took the order, then came back and said 10 was the max order for the 25 cent wings. Fine, I said, we'll take ten. She comes back again and say the wings special ended at 6:00PM and we can't have it. It was 6:15PM at that time and the race was on Lap no 22.

              I had to laugh at the offer of the wings special. The race must have begun after 6PM, yet the special ended at 6. Go figure.

              And no, we won't be going back.

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              1. re: scrappyone

                I heard the place (kitchen and bar) are in complete disarray - they let the manager go after 1 day and brought in a consultant for the kitchen. It appears to be another case of acontractor / strip mall owner thinking that they can run a restaurant.

                1. re: stickman731

                  Went there on Tuesday night and sat at the bar.
                  Had the filet mignon for 18.99, it started with an included salad, and bread.
                  With the filet, I had very good mashed potatoes (choice of baked or fries) and a choice or asparagus, or broccoli.
                  It was cooked as ordered, and very good.

                  Also their Sweet potato fries are better than the same fries at Boom.

                  My only complaint, they serve Guinness in a cold glass unless you ask otherwise.(room temp)

              2. We just went for the 1st time last night (03/08/09). I ordered a Chicken Wrap with no onions, no luck, got the onions. The bar girl was hardly around so to ask for it to be changed, was not worth it. She actually never asked us how our food was or if everything was OK. Husband order pizza with half pepperoni half sauage. Guess how it came out. Yep, Pepperoni & Sauage on entire pie. A ceaser salad and adding chicken was $15!!!?? You have to be careful with what you order, there was some resonable prices. $2 Draft Beer Special was good. A lot of kids working with seeming no good management. I think one girls job was to seat at the bar and eat food. We'd go back for the $2 Beer Specials.

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                1. re: LTTri

                  Admit freely that I haven't gone there as of yet. But if I may let me ask you guys a question. Was wondering if there was a waitress named Terri at this place. She was my favorite bar server at Houlihans in Brick but she had to leave for some reason. The staff said that she supposed to be working at this place and this was last November/December that they told me this. Don't know what she did till then but she's a very pretty blonde lady, very nice. Most likely she'll be tending bar but I could be wrong. Anybody know? I appreciate it in advance.

                  1. re: LTTri

                    We've eaten here a number of times and plan to return. If you're in the mood for Tavern food, it's a good bet. However, don't expect 5 star cuisine here people, it's tavern food. Just like the old band line "The more you drink, the better we sound", tavern food tastes better with a brew or a glass of wine.
                    One night in particular I took my young son there this summer. He has a "thing" for Friendly's waffle fries & cheese. He WILL NOT eat them from anywhere else. They doted over him and the chef did his darnest to make him the cheese sauce. Lo and behold, as far as I could tell, it was just like Friendly's. While my son didn't eat much of it, he did say it had the exact taste (but not texture) of Friendly's cheese sauce. They impressed him and that's no small feat.
                    Personally I have never had a bad meal there and compared to a place like the Cassville tavern its way ahead in both quality and price (not to mention they use REAL cheese and bacon on their 'skins unlike the cassvile which uses cheese whiz and imitation bacon bits)

                  2. I went with one of my kids and a friend in January. We quite enjoyed it - good service, decent food selection, decent prices. I kept it on the list of places worth going here in town (God knows, there aren't many!).

                    Went back tonight with same kid and friend, plus the other kid, and another friend and her kid. It is now known as Stadium Pub and Grill - under new management. Shame. The menu is about half of what it was, and pretty much just bar food - burgers, sandwiches, standard apps. The service was mediocre. The prices weren't bad, but the food was only meh.

                    No plan to return.

                    1. Has anyone been to Stadium for Sunday afterneeon or Monday night football? What are your experiences? Free buffet? Drink Specials? Food specials?

                      1. could be a nice neighborhood bar...need more stable menu....management and ownership cant get on same page
                        too much politics........when they switched over let good people go.....never able to recover, even though they re hired some.....

                        Have on of the best and sociable bar tenders (erica) never is in a bad mood always smiling and happy....seems to love what she does ...they need more people like her

                        1. DONT BOTHER. Probably THE WORST dining experience in years. Enough said.

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                          1. re: Dnr1234567

                            I can't understand why they're letting such a prime location go to waste. Seems like (for them) being in denial is such an insurmountable force.
                            They need to get some pointers from the other places in that mall that are always busy and serving better food & craft beer.

                            1. re: Dnr1234567

                              Too bad. When I went last, they were reopened (yet again) and had a special - buy one entree, get a second free - for the month (March, I think it was). The food was good, I got a second glass of wine free (it had been poured by mistake, so the waitress gave it to me), the service was great.

                              Guess things have gone downhill... again.