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Dec 21, 2008 08:58 AM

newish wine bar worth checking out

The past couple weeks I've been hitting up a newish wine bar called 55 degrees in Plano....near Preston and Parker in the shopping center behind jason's Deli...

It's a mom and pop owned place. Great wine list and decent prices (you can always get a glass of 14 Hands for $5)..they also serve beer and champagne, also reasonably priced...

The food is excellent...and you can even order 1/2 a salad....great cheese choices along with paninis and flat breads. The desserts looked great - We had the creme brule last time, and it's wonderful.

Just wanted to get the word out, because i don't think they do much advertising..and the place really is worth a look. If I remember right there aren't any other wine bars in that immediate area.....

Also...forgot - they have live music most Thursdays, and Friday -Saturday.

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