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Dec 21, 2008 08:47 AM

Family vacation in Montreal. Looking for a few good finds

We will be in Montreal Dec 27-31. Traveling with two children (3 and 6). Staying at Fairmont Queen Elizabeth and then the Hyatt Regency. Can you recommend some good places for lunch and dinner? We are eager to have some relaxing and enjoyable meals and will make day plans around lunch spots. Maybe a couple of suggestions for lunch or dinner on the fly as well. Also looking for one nice restaurant for an adult dinner. Great food is our goal more than scene or decor. Thanks. I know this is vague,but we are looking for seasoned guidance.

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  1. i would suggest two places, but you will have to call, as many of the smaller places close during this period. one is mas cuisine in verdun, not far but you will need directions. number is 514 544 3779. wonderful place for lunch and dinner, and particularly an adult dinner., reasonable pricing and the restaurant is one of the best in montreal. another nice place is in the au cinquieme peche which is in the plateau. that number and address is 330 Mont-Royal E. (514) 286-0123. also extremely good and a bistro type restaurant. but you should call first. enjoy!!!

    1. You cannot miss Pied de Cochon (, but as davidmilne mentioned, you should definetely call beforehand and reserve. For a nice adult dinner, I also suggest Club de Chasse et Peche (

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        Is Pied de Cochon casual enough to bring the children...? We will eat on the early side if so.

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          Absolutely, and eating on the early side is a good idea.

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            For a casual pasta dinner with the kids, Bistro Marinara, 1218 Stanley, is within walking distance of your hotel, their sauces are very good, so is the tiramisu.
            Lunch or dinner, although lunch is rather crowded.

      2. I think dim sum might be a good idea for lunch if you like Asian food. It will be pretty easy to get to Chinatown by metro or foot, and they will certainly be open. I like Kam Fung a lot, and also like Tong Por enough. But for both, if you are going on the weekend, go earlier rather than later to avoid the lines. If you get there before 10:30 or 11:00, you will be fine. Of course, there will be no problem for kids.

        Montee is getting good buzz for an adult dinner. Make sure you get a reservation, no matter where you go for the adult dinner.

        If you like Ethiopian, Magdala (I believe on Bishop street) is really delicious. But I guess that will depend on the kids too. Still, I can't help but think they would enjoy eating with their hands.