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Dec 21, 2008 08:38 AM

best egg sandwiches in Oean county N.J.

The very best egg sandwiches around are @ Terrys' - not just begels ,in the Lake Ridge shopping center Hwy 70 ,Toms River N.J. My favorite order is ..pork roll ,egg and cheese on a grill toasted hard roll with fried onions.. Joe ( owner ) is a master sandwich maker.. On weekends there is long line for his best efforts..The begels are not bad either . The ladies that grill on the week days do an OK job ,but are not Joe . If you know of any that compare ....please advise

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  1. Town & Country Restaurant rt 37 Toms River.....Scrambled egg , w/ Deep Fried home fries & Onions, drizzled w/ White Sausage Biscuit Gravy on a fresh Kaiser Roll.