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Dec 21, 2008 07:47 AM

finding goose fat in Toronto

I am making roasted potatoes for Christmas dinner and the recipe calls for 2 - 320 ml jars of goose fat to fry the parboiled potatoes in so they are extra crispy.

Short of rendering down my own goose where would I find such a thing in Toronto?

many thanks for any tips!

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  1. The Healthy Butcher, Cumbrae's, et. al. sell their own rendered duck fat, beef tallow, lard, etc. You might want to call them up to see if they carry goose fat, as well. If not, duck fat would be a quackingly good substitute.

    1. (not Toronto specifically)
      When I lived in Brooklyn, a local restaurant had duck on their daily menu; when I asked what they did with the duck fat, I was told they usually threw it out but if I told them in advance, they would save some for me on my next visit. If you know of a restaurant that has goose on the menu or another place which is making ready-made goose to take away, this might work; otherwise, try the butcher.

      If you can vary it and use duckfat instead, try the asian markets in Vietnamese town.