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Dec 21, 2008 07:40 AM

Freezing pumpkin pie?

OK, so I want to bake a pumpkin pie for Christmas Day. Can I do this today, let it cool, then freeze it, thawing it out the morning of the 25th?

Or would you recommend keeping it in the fridge?

Or just leaving it on the counter, covered?


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  1. I just took a section of pumpkin pie that I froze after T-day out and thawed it yesterday. The flavor of the filling is still OK but weepy and the texture is compromised. The crust is an absolute disaster.

    If you're looking for a recipe, this one is very nice. It's fussy and takes the best part of a day to finish but the appearance and flavor were great (hence, my hope to save what we didn't eat).

    I read the reviews and took seriously the advice to bake it in a deep dish. And I used half milk chocolate and agree that that probably helped keep the chocolate flavor from overwhelming the pumpkin.

    1. Leave it on the counter in a cool but dry part of the kitchen, covered, preferably boxed, with some ventilation (think of the grocery stores that have them in boxes and the diners and bakeries which keep them in a ventilated display). Do NOT put onto a glass covered cake platter, as the moisture will cause undesirables to start growing quickly.

      I would avoid freezing or refrigerating as that would cause the flakey crust to become mush while disintigrating the texture of the pie. Custards do not freeze well at all.

      Another possibility is pre-baking the crust and making the filling today, refrigerating both. Either Christmas morning or eve, bake the pie and leave on counter, ventilated but covered, for the next day. (I know this is not what you wanted to hear)

      1. I haven't found a good way to do a pumpkin pie ahead of time - my solution is to make the crust ahead - either freeze in a disk and then thaw in the fridge the day before you're going to make it or else refrigerate if you're going to do it w/i a day or 2. I make it the night before and then after it cools, cover it w/waxed paper and leave it on the counter - don't refrigerate you're completed pie 'cause the crust will be very soggy. Sorry!

        Other fruit pies, like apple, freeze well before baking - you can make up the entire thing and even bake it from frozen . . . .