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Dec 21, 2008 07:34 AM

Bagel/Cream Cheese/Lox Brunch??

where's the best place downtown (east/west villy preferably) that serves a good lox brunch, you know with the capers, onions, tomato, lemon. lox, cream cheese.

second avenue deli doen't have the cream cheese. and russ & daughters, while delicious, is not a sitdown restaurant.

much obliged. grazzi.

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  1. You might give Sarge's a try though I've never had any appetizing there, so I ca't vouch for the quality.

    1. Prune has a plate of salmon, garnishes, etc. and a bagel, from Russ & Daughters.

      So does Stanton Social but theirs is from Wolf and Sons.

      1. You can try Barney Greengrass for great appetizing platters with the works.

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        1. re: xigua

          Yes, it's good, but not downtown.

          1. re: valerie

            Ah downtown. Sorry did not see that!
            A Salmon platter is quite common in a lot of the well known brunch spots. Off the top of my head, Blue Ribbon Bakery and Balthazar.

        2. Definitely Barney Greengrass!

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