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Dec 21, 2008 07:28 AM

Freezing/defrosting/reheating potato latkes

Last week I made a trial batch of latkes. They came out pretty good, and I froze about a dozen. Last night I reheated them on a cookie sheet and they were soft and much less crispy than when they were fresh. Is there a good way to freeze and reheat them? Also, I'm making them for company this week. If I make them a few hours ahead, is there any good way to keep them warm? I could make them on the spot, but then I end up smelling and feeling like a latke, not my favorite way to greet the guests, although I'll do it if there's no other way :-)

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  1. Did you defrost before reheating or put them in frozen...and what temp?
    For our family Chanukka get-together, my Mom makes the latkes (shredded taters, very crispy) ahead and brings them to our house. She slightly undercooks them and puts them on paper towels to absorb extra oil then on to disposable cookie sheets. When I get them in my hands, we take the paper towels off and reheat in 375-400 degree oven for a few minutes until I hear the oil sizzle. Crispy!

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      They were theoretically frozen, but I took them to a friend's house, so there was about forty minutes between my freezer and her oven. Her oven was at 350 for other things, so I had no choice but figured it would work, although I have no idea about the accuracy of her oven, nor does she, since she doesn't cook much. Maybe the oven needed to be warmer. Anyway, it sounds like I could certainly make them an hour ahead, shower, get dressed, and finish them off once the guests arrive?

      1. re: Judith

        Absolutely...that will work fine.

    2. You might try re-heating them in a dry skillet - no oil.
      The dry heat will re-crisp the outside as the center heats through.
      I have not tried this with latkes, but have with other foods - including leftover pizza. Crisps the crust up nicely without drying out the top as an oven does (with pizza, I cover the pan to help melt the cheese).

      I'd try it over medium to med-high heat and see... with just one or two until you know if it'll work or not ;-)

      Good luck,