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Dec 21, 2008 07:07 AM

esperanto dinner

loved esperanto but had two mojitos and cant remember the great dishes we ordered coconut rice of course any recs for favorite dishes for dinner tonite?? thanks

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  1. Hi there! I couldn't help you, not having been there, but drink less tonight. :-) I wanna know what you got and how it was.

    1. free dip with the bread is great also ceviche and many appetizers mussels goat cheese and for dessert the Flan... thats what I remember from my last visit this time did the dinner special very reasonable but wouldnt do it again altho my friends said they loved the carne asada and the shriimp in coconut in red sauce that were that days special for me the salmon was fine but ordinary great place I loved the music one friend wanted to have earplugs..

      1. Agree that Esperanto gets pretty loud, but they do two things right which puts this place high on my books: A good caiprihna and a good feijoada

        1. I was part of a party of 5 at Esperanto tonight. We had a good time. I shared with only one person, so I can't address the quality of anything the other 3 diners had. First of all, as others have noted, it is very loud; any louder, and it would be impossible to have a conversation. So if you want to have an easier time hearing, consider sitting outside in good weather.

          We all had plenty of bread dipped in the spicy oil.

          My dining partner and I had two appetizers: Grilled calamari stuffed with rice, spicy sausage and such and served with mesclun; and Esperanto Mussels on the half shell, roasted with garlic, herbs, & topped with parmesan. The first item was on the specials menu. The sausage wasn't appreciably spicy but had a nice smoky flavor. The mussels were the best thing I had tonight, by a significant margin, just delicious.

          Our main was Grilled Tuna rubbed in a chili adobo, served with collard greens, cilantro rice and an orange mojo sauce. We both liked it; though my dining partner was not entirely happy with the tuna being a bit chewy, I didn't mind that. I didn't really notice the taste of the adobo but found the sauce tasty and enjoyed all the elements of the dish. I'd recommend this dish.

          For dessert, we shared coconut flan. We both liked it, but I felt that the blessedly large amount of shredded coconut would have benefited from some boiling in coconut milk, to make it a little less hard. That's a matter of preference, though.

          I also had a mojito. I usually find mojitos in New York too sweet, and tend to ask for a couple of drops of bitters as part of the drink, but Esperanto's mojitos are not very sweet to begin with.

          My overall reaction was that the restaurant is a fair value and a fairly good experience (the staff was friendly and pleasant, which helps) - not a great restaurant, but a good restaurant that's worth considering. I can understand why it's popular.