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Dec 21, 2008 06:53 AM

Long Ridge Tavern in Stamford

I was invited by a couple friends last night. I knew nothing about the place. We made the trek up the merritt on the slushy night from Port Chester.......ended up having a lovely evening........the place dates back to the early 1800''s filled with old charm and nostalgia.................when we walked in they had a lovely wood burning oven with a copper pot on top simmering with pear, apple, cinnamon, bay leaf and cloves.......the smell drifted throughout the place......

My friend, who is a local and somewhat frequent diner, had notified me that the food can be up and I decided on a burger because I was in a "burger mood" ended up being perfectly cooked, very tasty, nicely sized and served on a fresh brioche bun.....the beer was great......I had a couple Long Ridge Ales......

Service was so so.......our waiter was very rushed all night long.......they didn't have a bar tender........ I noticed that all of the waiters were rushing behind the bar and fetching their own beer and mixing drinks all was tough to track the waiter down for water refills or any other request.......nontheless the iffy service didn't take away from the great ambiance and the great conversation.

They also had a nice 3 or 4 piece live band which started jamming out xmas tunes around 9pm ish......overall I thought it was the perfect place and setting to chill out on a freshly snow covered night.

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  1. You were fortunate because they are not known for their food. Glad you enjoyed your meal. The owners are very nice people, the atmosphere is warm and inviting and that's what makes it work. As far as what you saw in the service last night I can explain that for you. Right now all the restaurants are slow and between the nasty weather, the economy and the holidays they are cutting back as much as possible. Since they have been slow they must have made a choice to forego a bartender that night or to have the bartender work the floor and have everyone get their own drinks.
    We need to support our local eateries. They are feeling the pain.

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      makes you work a little harder as a waiter and the would be bartender is one less person you have to "tip out" at the end of the night equaling more moolah in your pocket......

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        A very good thought, I'll have to stop by before Christmas. The few times I've been there the food has been good enough, not standout, but fine and dandy.

        As the poster notes, however, the setting is perfect, inside and out, from the fireplace with the Dutch oven to the exposed beams and weathered boards.. Since it's just a hop and a skip from me, I'll have to have a lunch there soon.

        Thanks for the nice reminder, southlake.