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Dec 21, 2008 05:58 AM

Latkes - Matzoh Meal or Flour, Your Preference?

I've made latkes last time using flour, in the past I used matzoh meal I can't recall the difference. I like matzoh meal, but anyone know how this changes the the overall taste/consistancy vs. flour? What's your preference and why?

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  1. Matzah meal. Flour sometimes has a strange texture in latkes.

    1. I agree with cheesecake. Flour often gives Latkes a gummy texture which is not a good thing. The texture may also be affected by the type of potato used. I'm not sure whether the use of flour results in that gummy texture with the traditional russet potato or if it's the result of using another variety of potato (all potatoes are not equal) because some recipes stipulate "potatoes" without specifying the variety. And I must admit I haven't always use russets; I soometimes grab whatever I have on hand.

      1. I've always used flour, and always russets. No particular reason other than this is the recipe Mom uses and I grew up with. Happy Hanukkah all!

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          I am in the flour camp as well because that's what I grew up with. The matzoh meal might give a nice crunch and lighter texture. Will have to experiment. Is there such a thing as a "bad" latke? Signed, a wondering Jew ;) Adam

        2. Matzoh meal, for sure. Why? That's what I grew up with. With the grated potatoes, grated onions, and an egg or two. Salt. I skip the pepper. Same reasons. I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs, just say latkes, and I salivate. Happy Chanukah!

          1. I don't use either one. Grated potatoes, onion, egg, salt, pepper, oil. They stick together fine, and tend to be light and crisp. I just either mix before scooping each panful, or leave the liquid in the bottom.