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Dec 21, 2008 04:55 AM

where can i buy really good lox and appetizing near rye?

is there a decent lox to be found? willing to go between new rochelle up to greenwich ct for the quality stuff you can find in the city.

please help

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  1. a stretch from rye is... Mount Kisco Smokehouse, 520 Lexington Avenue, Mount. Kisco; (914) 244-0702.. then maybe la maree in mamaroneck

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    1. re: intrepid

      i just noticed you put la maree. this is 100% true story, the last time we bought stuff from them it was about one day from completely and utterly spoiled. thank goodness i used my credit card because he wouldn't even refund our money after tasting the stuff himself. never again would i use them, for smoked fish, or anything else.

    2. the smoke house in mt. kisco is just OK. very new style smoking. paganos seafood in norwalk has ordered stuff for me before, and its always great. i believe they actually use mt. kisco, as well as ACME in brooklyn, but if you want to buy whole sides, they have some other options for smoked salmon as well that are really, really good. their retail store is right off exit 14 on 95 north. but call like a day or two in advance. FYI they are also much more reasonably priced than mt kisco. good luck!!

      1. Interesting in Jfood has good luck with Mt Kisco Smoke House and not so good with Pagano, so you never know. take 287N to 172 west into Mt Kisco, left at the hospital, right at the light after Ben and Jerrys so it might be in the driving area you are looking for.

        Jfood absolutely loves the Kisco creamed herring as well as their novy and sable and the quality and prices are much better than Rye Ridge.

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        1. re: jfood

          i always have them order special for me, so it has been nothing but good things with them. i didn't say mt. kisco was bad, just higher priced and not old fashioned smoking.

          1. re: sparkyspecial

            Understood S, not trying to be snarky at all.

            Since you seem to know, what is the difference between the product at MK and Paganos. You mentioned that it was not old fashioned. Jfood always a sponge for data so anything you provide would be greatly appreciated.

            Jfood is excited as he is heading to FL tomorrow and some good bagels, lox and herring are within reach at any number of places. :-))

            Happy holidays and eating

            1. re: jfood

              old fashioned smoking, like in commercial whitefish salad or acme smoked salmon(traditional "lox",) is usually heavier on salt and lighter on smoke, but not too salty. new smoke is very smoke forward, i am not really a big fan. but i love a good hot smoked salmon(baked salmon,) from either place. sturgeon seems to be not worth the price no matter where i get it from. but i must say, and i really don't care for the customer service, fjord fisheries has a smoked marlin salad that can't be beat, but its ridiculously overpriced.

              1. re: sparkyspecial

                do you know the technical difference between novy lox (unsalty) and belly/regular lox (saltier)?

                1. re: jfood

                  jfood, you ever try the Hartsdale Cheese Shop for nova

                  1. re: martyl9

                    do not even know where Hartsdale is.

                    1. re: jfood

                      I would second the Hartsdale Cheesery. They have Nova and belly lox, and they slice (professionally) to order, as well as various forms of herring and other fish. Usually it is terrific, tho occasionally one ends up with a fish that has been sitting around for a while. Hartsdale lies along the Harlem line in Westchester between Scarsdale and White PLains. Cheesery is in block of stores near train station.

                      1. re: Westjanie

                        The Hartsdale Cheesery is awesome. Best lox i have found outside of NYC

                    2. re: martyl9

                      hartsdale cheese shop im not imopressed with at all, id pass on it

            2. re: jfood

              Love Mt. Kisco Smokehouse and the people that work there as well. They also have terrific smoked shrimp and smoked tuna salad, as well as pickles from the lower east side.

            3. The Hartsdale Cheesery on East Hartsdale Ave. next to the Hartsdale train station has excellent lox and nova....ask them to slice it thin...almost as good as Zabar's and they have a great selection of cream cheeses. You also MUST try their brie with sundried tomato and pesto...WOW! Whatever you do though, their bagels are horrible....go elsewhere for great bagels.

              1. Hi there,

                GREAT bagels and top-quality lox, whitefish salad, etc. to be found at Hand-Rolled Bagels in Rye and also at H&R Bialy in the Quaker Ridge Plaza in New Rochelle.

                Hand Rolled Bagels
                17 Purdy Ave.
                Rye, NY 10580

                H&R Bialy
                41 Quaker Ridge Rd.
                New Rochelle, NY 10804

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                1. re: CTburgerlover

                  Do any of the aformentioned places carry matjes herring?