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Dec 21, 2008 04:34 AM

Recooking in the crockpot after refrigerating overnight?

I cooked a brisket yesterday for 9 hours in the crockpot. When I went to cool it and put it in the fridge, I noticed that it was still a little pink inside and there was some blood that came out when I cut into it. I'm worried that it wasn't done cooking (if that's possible - it was 5 pounds). I'm wondering if I can continue cooking it today and if that could kill any possible bacteria that were left? Yes - I know I"m neurotic!

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  1. How did you fit a 5lb brisket in a crock pot?, that must have be wall-to-wall beef. Not knowing what the end product was supposed to be, I'd put the thing in the an oven proof roasting pan or caserole dish and finish it there. Right now it's just med-rare beef, you probably won't die.

    1. I get how you could've fit a 5lb brisket into your crockpot since there's always shrinkage, but what I can't solve is the mystery of cooking it for 9 (!!!) hours and it still being pink inside! How did that happen? I cook brisket pretty often but have to admit that I've never cooked one for that long--even my large pieces. Unless you were cooking it on very low heat, but still can't imagine. I mean, generally speaking, the best way TO cook brisket is on a lower heat over several hours. And I always tend to cook my brisket the day before I'm serving; I find it's always easier to slice, and just tastes better with all the juices marinating overnight.

      But do let us know the temp you were cooking it on for that amount of time--curious to find out the end result!

      Anyway, perhaps it's too late for your answer, but I concur with cstr that you should just put it back in; the original crockpot is fine and cook to your liking.