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Dec 21, 2008 04:17 AM

Dinner Gift Certificate for Two


I am looking to give a restaurant gift certificate for my brother and sister-in-law either in the Maryland suburbs area (Betheseda, Silver Spring, etc...) or DC proper. Somewhere they can go on "a date to." They have 4 year daughter and so they rarely go out and so I want the place to be kind of special with delicious fare-- any cuisine will do.


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  1. Dotybird, there was a similar thread that might be helpful to you at . Hope they enjoy their special dinner!

    1. What is your price range? Is there any type of food they really love (or hate).? A few more details on what you are looking for would be helpful.

      1. How about Grapeseed or Redwood in Bethesda. Both are wine bars/restaurants and nice atmospheres.

        1. Thanks, Jacey-- both sound nice.

          In repsonse to the other message-- I am looking for something in the $40-60 pp (without drinks) range and prefer French, Italian or Mediterranean.

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          1. re: dotybird

            I don't know that much about restaurants in Maryland but in DC you might want to look at Dino, Bistro D'Oc, Mendocino, or Al Tiramisu.

            Jacey--have you eaten at Redwood? I haven't been yet but have read some really mixed reviews (plus a scathing review by Tom Sietsema in WaPo). I'm just wondering what your take was on it.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I have been to Redwood. The service and attitude is poor, pretentious. The lunch I ordered was fair. I had the farmer's plate (carrot soup, slice of cheddar, vegetable terrine. Biscuits were awesome, though.) How about Persimmon in Bethesda? Addie's in Rockville?