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Dec 20, 2008 11:19 PM

Afternoon Tea, downtown

I'm blocking out the year --the stolen car --the economy, etc., etc., and going to Celebrate my birthday. Need help: for part of celebration I want Best Afternoon Tea and the 'specs' are:
-HAS to be downtown LA (no car)
-has to be: Monday service

I've searched; can't find week-day Afternoon Tea. I want it to be De-lish, elegant, special --don't care what it costs (truly). Harp or other music and fireplace would really do it for me. For reference: I've had Tea at Huntington Hotel, BH Hotel, Four Seasons (excel.), Bev. Wilshire, and many others, around the world, but none downtown LA. Got a great rec? Please post! Thanks.

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  1. I wouldn't say this is the best tea in Los Angeles, but as you are limited to downtown LA, the Biltmore does a high tea.

    1. The Biltmore's nice.
      Also, you might want to try Pacific Dining Car. I've never done the one downtown but the Santa Monica location will make a high tea as long as you order in advance.

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        For the record, high tea is not the same as afternoon tea. High tea is actually dinner. Afternoon tea, or "low tea" has the three main subtypes that many American establishments unfortunately misname high tea, namely cream tea, light tea, and full tea. For more info, go to

        1. re: azibo

          Thank you, and sorry for the mistype!

          1. re: hyacinthgirl

            No problem! To address the OP, I do think the Biltmore is pretty good, but nothing beats what I've had at Huntington Gardens so far in LA.