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Dec 20, 2008 10:59 PM

Cheap Eats in Seattle (bonus for Capitol Hill spots!)

Hello all!

I just recently moved to Seattle (Capitol Hill to be specific) and I'm looking for the best spots to grab some cheap food.

Anything goes, really. It just has to be good and as inexpensive as possible.

What do you got for me, Chowhounders?

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  1. Pho Cyclo is the best pho spot on Capitol Hill and is a good value.

    I think Dick's is about as cheap as it gets while remaining edible.

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      Yeah, I've been to Dick's and I love it. How about anywhere in Seattle? I'd be willing to travel for good cheap food!

    2. Capitol Hill:
      Hot Mammas Pizza on Pine
      Honey Hole Sandwiches on Pike
      Six Arms on Pike or The Delux on Broadway for pub food - both have happy hour specials
      Pho Cyclo on Broadway or Ballet on Pike
      Jamjuree on 15th for Thai - have good lunch specials
      Cafe Presse on 12th

      Check out the ID..tons of inexepnsive options there. You can get a Bahn Mi for under $3.00 most places. I recommend the Saigon Deli or Seattle Deli. Also chceck out the Uwajimaya Village Food Court.

      1. Bimbo's Bitchen Burritos is great for huge portions of cheap, tasty Mexican...a little bit off Capitol Hill, at 12th and Jackson, Malay Satay Hut has great Malaysian food for cheap, esp. the big steaming bowls of Pho soup

        1. I'm right there with you on the cheap eats. I'm a Capitol Hill gal and here are my recs:

          Bimbo's Cantina - aka, Bimbo's Bitchen Burritos. The Cha Cha Lounge is below.

          Cafe Presse - a more expansive menu yet moderately priced then its elder counterpart in Belltown, Le Pichet. Serve food till 1:30 am-ish and open early for breakfast.

          Fish Fry - nestled between Moe Bar and Neumos which is a live music venue.

          ART GALLERY + BAR
          Grey Lounge

          JAPANESE - modern
          Boom Noodle - younger counterpart of Blue C Sushi, nice prices for small plates.

          JAPANESE - sushi

          Quinn's for lunch, same owners as Restaurant Zoe. Try their poutine.
          Smith's on 15th Avenue...lambshank for $12? Yes! And they have great sweet potato fries.

          Pho Cyclo

          Kim Chee Bistro - great for a quick fix if you want to forgo the long drive north/south.

          Hot Mama's.

          La Spiga - if you want to splurge over $10, try their truffled pasta. Simple and amazing.


          ....if you wander down to the International District...

          MALAYSIAN - Malay Satay Hut
          VIETNAMESE - Green Leaf Cafe
          VIETNAMESE SANDWICH DELI - Seattle Deli
          BUBBLE TEA - Gossip
          VARIETY - Uwajimaya Food Court (Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.)
          CHINESE BAKERY - Mon Hei
          DIM SUM - Jade Garden or Tea Garden
          CHINESE - Purple Dot (fun, young demographic) or Sea Garden
          CHINESE CONGEE, ETC - Homestyle Hong Kong Cafe
          WONTON - Mike's Noodle House
          HANDMADE DUMPLINGS - Szechuan Noodle Bowl
          BBQ PORK - Kau Kau

          1. Of course, on scheduled days, for lunch and breakfast...try Skillet Street Food. They serve amazing eats from their airstream trailer. Here's the link for their schedule: