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Where can I find an authentic Spanish restaurant?

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Where in Chicago can I find an authentic Spanish restaurant? I mean a REAL Spanish restaurant, one that serves things like jamon serrano or jamon iberico (not prosciutto that's called "jamon serrano"), Manchego cheese, tortilla, cocido, lentejas, calamares a la romana etc. and not a place that claims to serve "tapas" but doesn't actually serve things people eat in Spain.

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  1. Mercat a la Planxa in the Loop; Cafe Marbella on the Northwest side among others.

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        I concur with YoYoPedro. Cafe Iberico is excellent! Here's a quick link to their menu:


      2. i have always had great authentic meals @Meson Sabika In naperville . original chef was emilio gervilla (the tapas king ) and his succesors menu ,which is still in place, was produced by Francois Sanchez, a basque native