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Dec 20, 2008 08:33 PM

PRIME RIB? Where is cheapest and best? Raw, I mean.

I've used the search engine to no avail looking for places to buy prime rib for Christmas dinner. I thought I'd seen posts about where good deals are and where the meat is best, but now I cannot find them.

I saw P.R. at Costco, but thought I'd read somewhere here that the meat wasn't that good. Now I've read some posts that were a few years old and they say Costco's p.r. is fine.

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  1. Do you really mean Prime grade or just a cut of rib roast?

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    1. re: wally

      No, not prime grade. I'm just using the name most people give it due to the cut.

      1. re: oakjoan

        Costco sell a high grade than Safeway's select. If I was going to have a Prime Rib roast I would go to Costco.

        But if Safeway's is selling there Rancher's Reserve grade at lower price then Costco then by all means buy Safeway;s. Since then it is the same grade.

        But there are smaller chains with a full service meat section which may have Prime grade meat. The I would go with that one.

        Well have a muddy the water for a Dodger fan?

        1. re: yimster

          According to their butcher in Novato, Safeway's Rancher's Reserve is from Select Grade beef.

          1. re: Civil Bear

            According to this article, it's "high select/low choice" --

            I'm not sure I want to buy meat supplied by "Cargill Meat Solutions"!

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Got the low down from the Safeway butcher when I was competing in a "Rancher's Reserve" top sirloin BBQ contest. Basically it is whatever they get from the supplier, which 90% of the time is Select grade but occasionally it is Choice. She was good enough to call me when they got in some Choice grade.

    2. I've made one from Costco before and it was perfectly fine.

      I think Safeway (ranchers reserve) & Lucky's had it in their paper for $4.99/lb this week. I think Raley's/Nob Hill was $5.99. Probably not 'chowish' enough for ppl here

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      1. re: kc72

        Funny, I was going to post the same question earlier. Safeway $4.99 per lb is ribeye roast bone-in. What's the difference between ribeye roast and prime rib?

        Post by Statman
        Oy. "Prime" refers to the rib primal cut, having nothing to do with any "best" section. Bones (ribs) #6-12 comprise the rib section; #13-17 are firmly ass-ward of the rib section of the beast.

        Ribs #9 (or 10) through 12 are sometimes called the "first cut" because they contain the largest proportion of the central eye muscle compared to the other surrounding muscles. (This eye has nothing to do with a rib-eye roast, which, as applehome states, is simply a rib roast -- eye muscle and other muscles -- minus the bones.)

        BTW, I thought the Safeway ribeye roast looked pretty good. I think Costco is between $6.99 - 8.99 per lb.

        If anyone who has made ribeye roast from Safeway or Lucky's, please share with us your thoughts.

        1. re: theSauce

          Fantastic. Cosco rib last year was very tuff and 10.99lb. Safeway is the better choice, have them cut it fresh for you, aged is always better.

      2. The prime rib ( rib roast ) at Costco is indeed fine. It's graded Choice I believe - as versus most supermarket cuts that are not graded. Rancher's Reserve is a made up moniker. Higher end markets like Andronico's carry graded meat - as a matter of fact Andronico's carries some prime graded meats IIRC. For the money, Costco is fine - it's a good value. And it's a decent piece of meat - I've served it a few times and had good results with satisfied family members. I like to cook it the slow way and it stays nice and tender / juicy.
        But if you want to splurge and go with prime - then you have other choices to make.

        1. A 3rd or 4th on Costco. Very good stuff for the price. Probably the best value. It's also has high turn over so it's usually fresh. Conversely for comparable quality you can easily pay 50% more.

          Besides the specialty butchers, you might check out a halal butcher:

          1. "Cheapest" is one thing (I'd go Costco); "best" is another (I'd go dry-aged Niman Ranch from Baron's).

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            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              My skenkimenks exackly. In meat as in most other things you will find "cheap" and "best" in different stores. For "best" I have always fantasized about one of Baron's custom aged rib roasts. You pay the full" green weight" price and they set it to age for you. You can roast it all or order steaks cut from it. They hang a little copper tag with your name on it and you can go and visit it. Kind of like that pig joke that ends "Good pig like that, you don' 't want to eat it all at once!"