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Dec 20, 2008 08:28 PM

Marsala Wine?

Where can I buy Marsala Wine in Calgary?

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  1. Plug 'marsala' in this search
    It turns up half a dozen choices - did you have a specific label in mind?
    Click on the product code to find stores in Calgary that carry that particular label.

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    1. re: cancowboy

      The Willowpark Liquor Store (in Willowpark) has a few varieties. It depends what you are planning to create. There is sweet marsala, and dry. Hopefully, if there is something specific you want to use it for, they can help you at Willowpark, as they did for me.

    2. the Coop Liquor store downtown has this, as well as the Liquor store in West Hills.

      1. No help as I'm in Edmonton, but I just finished poaching pears in Marsala for my NYE dessert. Delicious!