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Dec 20, 2008 08:12 PM

Chicken Man in Fresno

If you live in the Fresno area and like fried chicken at it's finest you have to try Rudy Jr.'s Chicken Man restaurant. The business started in the 60's on 1st. street north of Olive. In the 80's they moved to their present location on Weber Ave. just north of Clinton. The chicken dinners are exactly the same as they were when I first visited them in 1970. I won't go into the other dishes they offer at this time but believe me it's all good. Your dinner is cooked to order so it will take maybe 25-30 miniutes but the food will be so hot and fresh you can't touch your teeth to it for 10 miniutes after you get it. They are open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday--Saturday . If you happen to be traveling north on Hwy. 99 take the Clinton Ave. off ramp 8th mile to Weber Ave. (first left turn) then one half block, take a right and it will be on your left 100 feet. I love fried chicken and I have yet to find anything to beat Rudy's! There is good fried chicken in Fresno but the quality of the chicken at Chicken Man and Rudy's resolve regarding the changing of the fry oil makes this establishment outstanding!

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  1. What are the other Fresno places you've tried for fried chicken?

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    1. re: Stephanie Wong

      Stephanie, How many restaurants in Fresno list Chicken in their name? Well I've tried most if not all of them not to mention many oriental restaurants that don't list Chicken in their names although they put out some wonderful fried chicken. It just so happens Chicken Man surpasses any place I've tried in Fresno. I was born here and am 63 years old so i'm speaking from an old Fresno boy's experience. If you have a suggestion for a place I haven't experienced.please let me know and in the mean time if you haven't tried Chicken Man please do so and give us your opinion

      1. re: Jeff Avis

        Totally agree, Jeff, Rudy makes a good cheese burger as well. Only fried chicken I've found that is as good if not better is at Smokey's at 1324 Tulare St., just off 99 (no exit however). Mama Lo's just down the block around the corner on F St.. does a pretty good job, but Smokey's pieces are much plumper.

        BTW, CM is on N. Hughes just off Weber.

        1. re: PolarBear

          Thanks P.B. I'm going to try Smokey's next. Are they a soul food type place?

          1. re: Jeff Avis

            Pretty much, but as the name implies the focus is on ribs. His catfish sandwich at 5.95 is a great deal, had one a couple of days ago and substituted the Basa for the regular catfish, a buck extra, iirc, great piece of fish, Fries are the thick steak cut, cooked well, but I prefer his potato salad and the collard greens. Slaw and a couple of more sides offered, no mac 'n cheese, sadly, Mama Lo's has a good one though. The time I ordered the chicken dinner for lunch, got two thighs and a drumstick. I could have eaten just one of the thighs and the two sides and taken the other two pieces home for dinner.

            A couple of the more outrageous items.... the Mo Meat Burger, two patties, two slices cheese, two strips bacon, and a split hot link on top. I could only eat half for lunch. New one that I haven't tried yet is the Bull Dog, hotlink covered with BBQ beef and grilled onions.

            Introduce yourself to Greg and Mrs. Mary and tell 'em PolarBear sent you.



          2. re: PolarBear

            Hey, Dave:

            Earlier this year while you and the rest of the Fresno chowhounds were enjoying the first round of Chowdowns at Hunan, my Fresno hosts tried to take me to Mama Lo's; we found it had closed down. We asked some folks passing by if they knew what happened or where it went, but no one seemed to know anything.

            1. re: Stephanie Wong

              Thanks for the tip, I haven't been in some time, I'll take a look next time I'm downtown.

      2. Exiting Hwy 99 at Clinton and driving north on Sunday, I caught a peripheral view of Chicken Man's sign. But no time to stop and I promised myself that I'd return on Monday. Alas, further research revealed that it's not open on Sunday or Monday. But sounds good and now I'll remember to try it next time I'm in Fresno.

        Has anything changed at Chicken Man in the last 5 years since the OP?