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Dec 20, 2008 07:48 PM


Has anyone tried Barroco in Old Montreal which opened where Cobalt used to be?

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  1. I went there with my GF for our anniversary...picked it rather at random walking around Old Montreal. Decor is currently-hip "ironic baroque", lots of black and white upholstery, mix-and-match chairs, chandeliers, boar's head on the wall, photo-mural of Paris on the other. The building dates back to at least the 19th century with thick stone walls and exposed beams - overall it's small but it has a lot of character.

    Foodwise - we each had a 3-oyster starter (quite good) then the special of the evening, a mini-rack of frenched roast lamb chops served with roast mushrooms. The mushrooms were delicious, the lamb was tender but terribly over-salted. We had a decent Italian Syrah (Monteverdi) with it; if you like French wine expect to spend $60 for a better bottle; more choice under $50 in the Italians, if I recall correctly. We opted to skip dessert and coffee. I'd go again, but I'd try something different for a main course. Total pre-tip was $150ish.

    1. I went to Barroco for a girls night out. Fantastic ambiance, horrible service. The food was good not great. It's a shame the service was so bad. I can't say I'd recommend it to a friend.

      1. i also went to barroco for a girls night out and the food was absolutely awful. I wrote a blog post all about it but honestly its seriously overpriced and the quality of the food is horrendous, I found the service to be quite friendly though. But irrelevant!!! The bison tartare was hard and chewy, the octopus as well, the fish was blah. The cocktails were good. Huge waste of money. They spent too much time with the concept not enough on the content.
        salon gourmand

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          I agree with the above posters. Loved the atmosphere: very romantic and ecclectic and cozy and hip. Nice touches like mismatched dinnerware. The bartender and drinks were awesome but the food left a lot to be desired. I'd come back for 5 a 7 or drinks but not for dinner.

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            Mismatched dinnerware is a nice touch? I guess I'm really old-fashioned.

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              Its an "eclectic" thing like mismatched chairs about the dining room. We ate there about a year ago. I was very impressed with their cocktails; on-the-fly, hand squeezed/crushed/extracted fruit juices mixed with various booze. Impressive, but also pricey at $15 a pop.
              The food was less than impressive, but they seem to attract hipster 20 somethings doing their own Entourage thing for the late hours. At the time, it seemed that management preferred this crowd spending the money here rather than develop a strong food-following.