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Dec 20, 2008 07:04 PM

3 Nights in Vegas - Suggestions?

Going to Vegas for 3 nights for Birthday/New Year's Getaway. Here's what I'm thinking

Day 1 - Arrive mid-afternoon on New Year's Day, staying at Venetian. Thinking late lunch & margaritas at Taqueria Canonita in the Venetian, Blue Man Group early show, B&B Ristorante for dinner. Staying close to home this day because expecting to be somewhat dragging butt from NYE the night before.

Day 2 - Only thing planned so far is "O" late show for birthday celebration. Getting room service for Breakfast (comes with the room) so need Lunch & Dinner rec's. Dinner in one of the Bellagio restaurants so we're close to "O"? Michael Mina? Sensi?

For lunch, thinking of going shopping off-strip - is Lotus of Siam really that good if we're going off-strip?

Day 3 - Wide open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. For Dinner I'm thinking of one between Rosemary's and Alize. I know it's apples vs. oranges - Rosemary's is definitely more along the lines of what my favorite restaurants are, BUT I'm in Vegas.

Day 4 - Sunday Brunch at Bouchon before driving out of town to Sedona.

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  1. Yes, LOS is that good. Best Thai we've ever had.

    Some folks on this board love Rosemary's but we weren't impressed. There's been talk of the service going downhill lately.

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      1. Day 1 lunch - I like Taqueria Canonita. I think I had a pretty good tortilla soup last time (good for post-NYE).

        Day 2 lunch - Yes, Lotus of Siam is that good. Even my non-Thai-food-liking husband really likes it.

        Day 2 dinner - I would strongly steer you against Sensi. Not a fan whatsoever. Actually Michael Mina in the Bellagio is my least favorite of the four Mina restaurants in Vegas (Nobhill, Seablue, StripSteak) but others like it. It just leaves me a bit cold. If you like a lively atmosphere, perhaps FIX at the Bellagio? The food's pretty good there. Others here like Picasso and Prime but I haven't been to either. Oh, and Le Cirque is getting some very good reviews here recently. I haven't tried it yet, and for our upcoming trip mid-January I wanted to try either Le Cirque or Alize (which I haven't tried either) and I settled on Alize but it was close. Le Cirque is probably up next.

        Day 3- perhaps Mesa Grill for lunch? That's a Saturday, right? They would have a brunch menu, not their weekday lunch menu. Alternatively, brunch at Tableau or Verandah.

        1. I would say...

          Day 2 - Breakfast @Bouchon
          Day 2 - Dinner @ Picasso
          Day 3 - BRUNCH @Bouchon

          I was just in vegas (full review scoming soon), and can't say enough about those 2 restaurants. We almost went to Bouchon 3 times but they closed up on the 3rd attempt :(