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Dec 20, 2008 07:00 PM

Thai House, Orleans

I enjoyed a really delicious lunch here on Thursday. One of my lunch companions and I had the Rainbow and Tempura Shrimp lunch special - $13.95 - with six HUGE rainbow rolls and six HUGE tempura shrimp rolls, presented with a lovely apple, carrot and cabbage salad - a very prettily arranged accompaniment- and a cup of miso soup. It could have been shared. The third of our party had a red chicken curry with plain rice which smelled delicious, and was reported to be so. This restaurant is located in the spot next to the Lobster Claw...the location has seen many transformations through the years......I was happy to see it had a decent lunch crowd. The servers were gracious and attentive. I hope it can continue to draw the off-season clientele to make it through to the busier summer months. This is a welcome addition to the Outer Cape restaurant scene! Owned by the same folks who operate the Thai restaurant on 134 in South Dennis (although they do not serve sushi there) As a sushi aficionado, I was quite pleased.

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  1. The owners are quite nice. We first met them when they were a young husband and wife at their first place off the Airport Rotary, long since sold to an employee. They have gone on to successfully operate restaurants in Falmouth, the Vineyard, Plymouth and as mentioned above Dennis - and have two boys. A friend in Orleans dines there all the time and loves it. He's a sushi nut and is totally satisfied with what the Orleans restaurant offers.