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Dec 20, 2008 06:55 PM

Homemade Hot Chocolate question

I would like to make a hot chocolate mix for myself, not to give away, but all the recipes I'm finding use milk. I'm lactose intolerant and was wondering if there is a way to make a hot chocolate mix that I can then make with water instead of milk. Any thoughts?

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  1. Are you trying to make yourself a powdered mix? I suppose you could use non-dairy creamer, cocoa powder and sugar, but then you'd have a chemical stew. I think a creamy soy milk or a nut milk makes a respectable hot cocoa. All you need is sugar, cocoa, a pinch of salt and hopefully a drop of vanilla extract.

    Maybe google vegan hot chocolate recipes? Also, you might want to see if you can digest raw milk (I can, and that discovery has been awesome!). If you try raw milk for cocoa, don't let it boil.

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      Wow do I feel dumb right now. It didn't even occur to me to look up vegan hot chocolate! I just did and there are a ton of recipes. I was wondering if soy milk would work and figured I'd try it if I didn't get any responses. Now I have a bunch of different kinds to try. Thanks!

      I have never tried raw milk and am not sure where to find it now that the farmer's markets are closed. Do most natural food stores carry it?

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        You'll have to look up the laws in your state about raw milk. It's illegal (even to sell for "pet food") in my state.

        Here's how I make hot chocolate: Put some cocoa and sugar in the bottom of a mug, and add just enough water to make a paste (I like it really chocolatey and not very sweet, so I do maybe 2 T of cocoa to 1 T sugar). Make sure all the lumps are out. Then I fill it up with milk and microwave. You could easily sub soy/rice/almond milk. Another benefit to this method is I don't have yet another separate container for hot chocolate mix.

    2. My 6 year old has food allergies and is highly allergic to whole milk. We use Rice milk and hersheys syrup to make him hot chocolate.......

      1. My wife is lactose intolerant and I use goat’s milk to make a liter of hot chocolate every week.

        1. I just made a "powdered" mix from an Epicurious recipe for Vanilla Hot Chocolate that I think could be easily made vegan. It called for sugar flavored overnight with a split vanilla bean, unsweetened dutch-process cocoa and finely-ground semi-sweet and milk chocolates. I bet if you just used all vegan chocolate bars instead, it would still be super-delicious. I gave it to a friend, forgetting about her lactore intolerance but she said she would use hot rice milk instead.

          1. I am not only lactose intolerant, but I cannot have any portion of the milk. I am allergic to whey, caseine, calcium carbonate, and whatever else is in milk. I used to think if I was having a protein drink that said it was lactose free, that it meant there was not any milk in it.

            I had a really expensive test to find out this information and discI overed that I also cannot eat eggs! I can, however, drink goat milk! I cannot eat yogurt, or cottage cheese, or any other milk derivitive items that everyone told me I should have been able to eat or drink because they do not have any lactose in them. Even in the International delights and another brand I cannot think of, I can't drink their milk alternatives because they have caseine in them or calcium carbonate. It is really interesting. I am 55 years old, and I just learned a year ago that I could have goat milk. Of course, I can have the rice, the soy, the coconut, and the nut milks, but look at the ingredients. I figure the less that is added, the better~

            By the way, why is there salt in the hot cocoa mixes?