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Dec 20, 2008 05:58 PM

Green Chili open now at Crowfoot

FYI - in same strip as Wendy's at the far end near New Dynasty.

Nice to have something ethnic up here!

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  1. Thanks, I think I know what we're getting for dinner tonight! ;o)

    1. I'm going to be going as soon as the ice melts. My poor little car doesn't like slippy roads...

      1. I love Green Chilli. Chicken Vindaloo extra hot or the Kadhai done nice and hot are both on regular rotation in our house. Consistently good food.

        1. I went for lunch at Green Chili in Crowfoot today, and they had it all running really smoothly. Talking to one of the two men manning the front of the restaurant, he said they've only been open a week at this location. There isn't many tables, probably room for about 26 - 30 people seated, with the buffet on the side.

          We were in a rush, so my companion and I both had the lunch buffet. They serve naan at the table, and had all the prerequisite dishes for an Indian buffet - various pickles and sauces, surprisingly good onion bahjies, 3 veggie curries, a ground lamb dish, a beef dish, tandoori and butter chicken.

          Nothing was too spicy, but that's to be expected with a buffet - the veggie dishes were the most spicy, and I would classify that as being only maximum medium-hot.

          They gave us chai on the house, and came around to offer fresh papadums that were missing from the buffet when we first went through. The buffet was $15.50 per person.

          I'm not usually a fan of a buffet, because it's the watered down version of what a restaurant can usually do - but as everything was tasty, I'll be going back to order off the real menu for dinner some time.

          1. Had the lunch buffet today. It's worth going for the nan alone. Warm, crispy and tender.

            All the dishes were good though mildly spiced as noted. The butter chicken has a good sauce but the meat was a touch dry probably because it was made with chunks of white meat off the bone. A lot of places do this lately. I don't know whether it is easier for them to cook or whether they think customers prefer it. Thighs and bone in chicken are actually better if you ask me.

            That was my only complaint and the nan so made up for it. The service was great too.