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Dec 20, 2008 04:44 PM

Restaurant Recommendations for Lebanon/Hershey PA

Please advise...I'll be travelling to the area the first full week of Jan... would appreciate a couple of non-chain restaurant recommendations.

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  1. Hotel Hershey you can never go wrong with.
    A&M restaurants haver really good subs for lunch
    Blue Bird Tavern in Lebanon is pretty good
    There's also a new(er) restaurant in Lebanon at the corner of 8th & Cumberland St. I read good reviews of the place in the local paper.
    Also there is Niko's which is just a block south on 8th st on West Lehman st is also a very good choice.
    Trattoria Fratelli

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      Definitely do Trat Frat, it is considered the hands down best restaurant in Lebanon, and it draws crowds from all over Central PA. In Hershey, we often go to Fire Alley. I've heard good things about What if... in Hershey also, but can't speak on personal experience.

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        Ahhh, someone else who knows the joy of A&M subs. When up in that area visiting friends, I have to go to A&M. The bread is so good, the ingredients nice and fresh, yum.

      2. One of my very favorite restaurants within a one-hour radius of Lancaster (my home) is called Piatto's. Piatto's is located in Carlisle, PA, which is ~40 minutes west of Hershey.

        It is a family run BYOB, with terrific regional Italian food, lovingly prepared. YUM!
        Their gelato is amazing, as is there homemade pasta! Plus, on a cold day, the osso bucco makes me sooo happy.

        Here's the website:

        The only other place that I frequent when I am in Hershey is Duke's bar and grill. Obviously, more casual - people rave about the beef brisket sandwich. Here's a link to their menu:

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          Chow-spouse just reported back from a dinner at Piatto's - enjoyed every bite!

        2. Al Mediterraneo in Hummelstown (just west of Hershey). You can either go casual at the bar with a pizza and salad, or considerably more upscale.

          1. The Warwick in Hummelstown has good food. If you want something casual, there is the Gingerbreadman. It is small, local chain.

            1. My boyfriend used to live in Hershey and we used to go to What If all the time. The food, service, and atmosphere are great.